Sunday, April 19, 2009

Barney's Mind Collaboration

Hello people, Pirate here and I have something I want to announce. Before that though, I want to thank everyone for their support and I want to thank the people who have enjoyed the Barney’s Mind series. I’ve certainly enjoyed making it.

Now, this all started when I combined my extreme enjoyment of the spectacular series Freemans Mind with my impatience of his release schedule. I selfishly wanted more and finally decided to contact him and ask his permission to do a Barney’s Mind. He approved and away I went. What I created I can only describe as a hastily made piece of garbage with Ross Scotts amazing genius thrown on top. So, disheartened I decided to quit. However, my brother stepped in and persuaded me to embark on episode 2, which I did, wholeheartedly determined to quit after that. Then you people stepped in and gave me nothing but rave reviews and support and I just felt that I couldn’t end it there.

So, I started working on episode 3 and got a little side tracked, work plus video games plus other things. However, I had told people that I would have it done by Wednesday and so around 1 am on Thursday I had it posted. However, it is quite clear that what I posted was very rough and wasn’t reviewed properly.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would not be fair to you guys or the series for me to continue in this manner. So, I am seeking to enlist all of you in helping me make Barney’s Mind. Yes, you heard right. Since I have thoroughly proven myself at being fairly unoriginal in my jokes, probably because I can’t help but have memorized Freemans mind from watching it 20,000 times, I would like... no I will need some help.

SO! My idea proceeds thusly, I will post on my blog a rough episode with my dialog put in. I then ask that everyone here who wishes to contribute to comment on these videos. I will make changes accordingly and will re-upload the video to the blog and we will do a second draft. Then, when I feel it is complete I will submit it to YouTube to my usual channel. In this way I feel we, as a group can provide a much better and enjoyable series that will stand as a worthy tribute to the Freeman’s Mind series.

Oh, and as an aside, since some people have mentioned that my voice is a little off for Barney, on which I must somewhat agree, I think if this works that we might experiment with a collaborative barney’s mind with all of you supplying a section of the voice and dialog. I don’t know, maybe not. But, the point is, there is so much potential out there on the internet and on YouTube so why not harness some off it and all of your ideas and see what we can create.

So, until then, see you out there.

P.S. Episode 3 is up, link here:

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