Friday, April 10, 2009

Barney's Mind - Episode 2

Barney's Mind - Episode 2 (YouTube)

First off, the videos are moving to a new home, slightly.

I will now be uploading all my videos to (and therefor their youtube channel). I have uploaded ep. 1 and ep. 2 to their site but will continue to keep ep1. and ep2. on my channel in the event that people have already embedded them into webpages or whatnot.

Now, I was honestly thiiiiiiis close to abandoning this after episode 2 but it seems that fate (youtube) had other plans for me because about the time that I made this decision I received a bunch of comments on how the video ruled, my voice was perfect (ugh, I hate my voice), and so on. In addition my brother made a few more comments and, end story, I have decided, for better or worse, to see this through to the end.

Other important news is a schedule. I will NOT be keeping a regular schedule. Somehow the more popular internet people seem to be able to regularly pump out humorous media with rigid regularity. I theorize that they have no life because of this (apologies to those who do). I however have a life and want to keep it. Thus, I will ATTEMPT to post at least once every 2 weeks IF NOT SOONER. I may even post one every week or so, BUT, I make no promises and there may come a time where I disappear for a few weeks. However, I think I can promise you that I will at least post once a month at a bare minimum.

So, that aside, lets talk about the video for a bit. Still refining my technique and it's coming along. Also, I'm finding that the old HL engine and my video card do not seem to play nice at all times resulting in glitches such as when a character model is in motion (tram, elevator) it jerks a bit. Also, this seems to be a bug with the game, when I go down in the elevator at the end I jump into the roof for a bit. Kinda hard to notice but still really annoying. No idea how to fix these, maybe I need to downgrade my video drivers (ugh).

Anyway, enjoy the video and please feel free to give me constructive advice (destructive advice will quickly be euthanized in an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator).


  1. look other funny stuff for ... stuff

  2. *Gasp!*

    You're going to post on

    Don't forget about the loyal followers who watched Barney from the beginning! :-) LOL


  3. No, I was going too but the people we're, frankly, bastards. So I decided to just continue on youtube. Plus, the machinima website is pretty broken, very hard to use.

  4. Oh I see. (I failed to read the post above this one. Now that I have, good to know.)

    And ya, I saw the comments on Machinima. Ouch.