Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shephard's Mind - Episode 3

So, Shephard's Mind - Episode 3 is out and it's very good, watch it and stuff.

Oh, in other news, NEVER try to make microwave mac and cheese using mac and cheese designed for stoves only. I tried to fudge it using the directions for the stove and the results we're less than satisfactory. I couldn't even really call it mac and cheese anymore, it was more like yellow mush soup. I tried to eat it but it was like watery cheese paste, ugh, so nasty. So, I guess I'm gonna live off of the two other things I brought to work for lunch today, Little Debbie coffee cake and tostitos and salsa. I suppose if I'm really hungry and can get off my lazy butt and walk/drive to the store down the road but it's raining and, frankly, the cheese paste has kinda ruined my appetite.

Shit, I hope that wont make me sick or anything.

P.S. Watching Shephard's Mind has got me completely determined to do SOMETHING BM related tonight. So, yes, something shall be posted, or many somethings will, we'll see.

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