Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Silly Cars

Blarg (I love that word), didn't get to sleep till late last night, was too busy trying to catch up with house chores. Also, my girlfriends car needed some work so I spent about 4 hours taking tires on and off and bleeding brake lines.

Concordantly, I'm now behind in my three other things, one being getting enough hours on this counter strike: source server I play on so I can join their group. Not sure why this is so important to me, I mean, there's no real benifit to joining the group other than a dedicated slot on their server, access to their teamspeak server, and a few other goodies (though they do have a clan sleepover/LAN party once a year but it's a good 3 states away so I'd probably never go).

The other two things are looking for a new apartment (lease runs out at the end of this month and I'm looking for a cheaper place) and making BM ep5.

However, I think I've decided to take a day, perhaps tonight if I get around to it, to redo some of the voice on BM ep4. First off, the sound leveling got screwed up so I'm gonna increase a lot of the voice volume to match the other 3 episodes. I also noticed that some sound clips clash with others, meaning it's really obvious that the clips were not recorded in one take. Lastly, I think I've identified one of the things that really makes Freeman's Mind funny and that is the feeling that Ross Scott puts into his voice acting. I've tried but I guess I've not tried hard enough because I can hear gaping differances between his episodes and mine. So, I would really like to redo some of it, no dialog changes though, just improvements.

Anyway, nothing really else exciting happening, I'll update when I have more news.

P.S. I've had about 100 people ask me how to hide models in Half Life and I can never remember the command. So, when I get onto EP5 I'll make sure and write the command down, ok?


  1. PROTIP:

    r_drawviemodel 0

  2. err, that's supposed to be drawviewmodel, not drawviemodel. Derp.


  4. I always use the word "blarg".... nobody ever gets what i'm saying