Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barney's Mind - The Final Episode Teaser

Here you go:

Barney's Mind - The Final Episode Teaser

I've set it to be released sometime near the end of this year if not sooner.

Also, episode 9 should be coming out very soon, like the end of this week or so.


Some images from the beginning are from the Black Mesa mod.
The music is Fahrenheit (Choir) by Immediate Music (AKA: Globus)
The footage in the second half is from Microsoft Flight Simulator X

[insert title here]

[insert useless introduction rant here]

YouTube - Shephard's Mind - Episode 10

[insert stuff about how I was catching up but 'oh well']
[insert random junk about what I'm doing/watching/reading/listening too]
[insert bit about how I had the cops called on me for stealing my bosses car]
[insert Barney's Mind bit about how episode 9 will be out soon]
[insert silly ending]

Monday, June 29, 2009


Weeeeeeeeeee! I like coffee.

I hardly ever drink it after curing my addiction to it back in college but, every once and a while I have a cup or two and weeeeeeeeee! So much energy. Love this stuff.

Annnnnnnnyway. Hulu, cool stuff getting added on there if you haven't been there in a while. A friend of mine pointed me to the movie Virtuality and I only got about half way through it before Left 4 Dead interupted me but it was really good what I saw, can't wait to finish it. I'm gathering there's something the movie isn't telling me but we'll see.

So, episode 9, going to try to get it about 90% done tonight. I should have the footage posted tonight as well on the screening room.

Oh, yeah, about that. So, it seems that a big part of the fans enjoy suggesting dialog as well as seeing the dialog used. Therefore, I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing with a minor change. Before I used about 75% of the dialog suggested but I'm going to cut that down to about 25%-35% and do the rest myself.

Also, I'm considering getting a teaser trailer up for the final episode of Barney's Mind which, while being a few months away, I'm really, really excited for. It's going to be a half hour episode split into 3 parts so it's going to be a fairly long production time and will involve a few more voice actors and some pretty interesting stuff including a bit involving KrimsonYT from Shephard's Mind. So, would you guys be interested in a teaser trailer? Do I even need to ask such a silly question?

Anyway, I have to run to grab some lunch but I wanted to let you guys know that I found a spot where Ross Scott could (VERY briefly) appear in Barney's Mind with almost no effort on his part so I'm going to ask him to do that. It would be an exclusive line that wouldn't appear in his Freeman's Mind so, yeah, that would be awesome. I'll let you know if he agrees to it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Speed Racer and stuff

Just ranting here, nothing about Barney's Mind.

Anyway, I just watch the movie speed racer. My brother saw it when it first came out and he didn't really like it so I started it with a attitude of "why the hell did I rent this?"

Anyway, so I started watching it and didn't take it seriously at all. I've never seen the cartoon so I don't know how that is but, I must say, you can't take this movie seriously. Given that, I found that I really liked it. Not like, OMG best movie ever, not even a movie I'd want to rent a second time but I found it to be really funny and crazy. It's just so stupid it works.

I dunno, if you're looking for a movie that's fun to watch with some mates and make fun of the whole way then this is a good one.

Now, I'm a big fan of the Wachowski brothers and this film just continues my belief that those guys eat win for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mean, none of their movies are perfect by far (matrix trilogy ending sucks, V for Vendetta wasn't their idea so no credit there, and this was just stupidly fun) but I honestly like everything they make, can't wait to see what they have next.

Anyway, rock on people.

...okay, fine, Barney's Mind stuff. KrimsonYT is alive and well, talked with him earlier, Barney's Mind - Episode 9 will be coming sometime next week, and I emailed Ross Scott asking him his thoughts on Barney's Mind, stay tuned for that. YAR!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, after you've all (hopefully) watched episode 8 I have a question.

This is the first episode since episode 3 that I've done by myself and I think it came out quite well.

My question is this, do you feel I should continue with the screening room asking for viewer generated comments or should I got on by myself from here? Or, I could try a combination, taking only a few viewer comments and doing the rest myself, what do you think? I've set up a poll for you guys to vote with.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barney's Mind - Episode 8

YouTube - Barney's Mind - Episode 8

Here it is.

Sorry about how jerky I was with the camera movements, didn't want to go back and fix it so just deal.

Oh, and the song is Tetris by 2PM.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still working

Episode 8 is progressing nicely.

In the meantime, not sure if anyone has noticed in my favorites is an avatar fan movie and I am a huge avatar fan (even though I'm 23). I usually don't like anything Nickelodeon makes but avatar is great in that, while being aimed at a younger audience, it was/is quite mature and had a lot of good themes. It reminded me of a lot of anime's rather than a nick cartoon.

Anyway, so if you like Avatar: The Last Airbender or if you don't like it or even if you've never heard of it, you should at least watch this trailer:


I'm excited, it's described as Avatar mixed with the matrix and lord of the rings. Oh, and this is part 1 of 3 and they are going to basically be redoing the series. So many good movies coming out this summer and next summer is looking just as good.

Anyway, just wanted to mention that, now back to working on episode 8.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I has it.

Barney's Mind - Episode 8 trailer

YouTube - Barney's Mind - Episode 8 trailer

Yay! See, I told you I'd make up for taking so long on episode 7. Anyway, in other news, still no net, hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week but, honestly, I don't really care that much because without net I have less distractions and can do more Barney's Mind stuff.

Anyway, episode 8 coming soon, probably early this week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barney's Mind - Episode 7


YouTube - Barney's Mind - Episode 7

....yeah, sorry about that, a little excited about the 200,000 emails I'm sure I'm about to get from YouTube regarding episode 7.

Episode 8 is already on it's way. I'm probably not going to upload the raw footage for ep 8 and just go solo on this so that I can get it done faster (hopefully I've matured enough in my humor that it should still be good, I think I have).

Friday, June 19, 2009


Guess what! The thing I found online about unpluging the network worked, I can now get into offline mode on steam. YAY! Ep 7 coming ASAP!

Also, by going from window to window in my apartment I managed to find an unsecured router with internet. It's got low signal strength but it holds a connection long enough for me to do things like write this. YAY!

Anyway, I am now off to make ep 7 and I'm going to do nothing else until I have it finished. Hopefully that means I might even have it up tomorrow!

I hope you're as excited as I am. Trailer coming soon (assuming I can hold this connection long enough to get a video up to YouTube. Maybe I'll run down to McDonald's and hit up their wi-fi if not).


SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK (and did I mention this sucks).

I have internet, or at least I should, but my router is having problems connecting and they think its a timeout error with their equipment which will require a guy to come from them to my apartment. However, the said it will take up to two to three business days to get a guy out here so that means that it could be tuesday of next week when I have internet which means ep 7 will be (hopefully) released next week.

The pirate is not pleased.

Here fairpoint, I made you a new logo:

EDIT: OH! I think I found a way to get steam into offline mode. I was just browsing around and stumbled upon someone saying that sometime if you just have a LAN connection to the computer steam will try to update and not go into offline mode. He said that by removing the network steam will recognize that there is no interwebs and will default to offline mode which SHOULD work for me. SO! Let's hope that I can get through and run Blue Shift and then I can actually do this!!!

Oh, and for anyone who loves epic rock and/or Serj Tankian (Singer from System of a Down) then check this out and watch it 20 times like I did:

YouTube - Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead Symphony Sample

I'm not really one to get excited about music but I can honestly say that I can't wait for this album, it sounds amazing. I love Serj Tankian and I love epic rock (globus, within temptation, etc) and so this is like a dream come true for me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camp Pictures

There you go:

And one in predator vision mode (because photoshop is fun):

I don't care for living in Maine most of the time but, damn, we have some nice scenery. The pics kinda don't do it justice. If you go to the shore to the right is a nice rock beach and to the left is a shear hill full of pine trees. Yeah, that was probably a $300,000 camp.

Quicker update

So, got home yesterday and I had [drumroll that trails off] no internet...

SO! I called the customer service place but then realized that it was 5:45 and they closed at 5:30 (though apparently their tech support place was open but I didn't have that number).

ANYWAY! I just called them during my lunch break at work and they told me that everything was on and has been since yesterday so apparently it's a technical issue. Oh well, that honestly makes me feel better because I'm sure it's just some stupid setting on their end or mine (though I don't see how, I've gone over the router settings and everything is as it should be).

Oh well, but the good news is I do indeed have internet, the bad news is that I didn't get any work done on ep 7 yesterday, the good news is I shall still have it done by friday night if all goes well so I can still maintain my promise to have ep 7 by this week.

Hmmm, I guess that wasn't that quick, oh well.

Oh, and yesterday I got do some surveying for this guy in northern Maine who needs to move his camp and it was GORGEOUS! Simply one of the best days ever and the lakeside camp scenery just made it 10,000 times better. I would have done that job for free it was so nice. I have pictures too, I'll post them if anyone feels like being jealous.

P.S. I JUST BOUGHT A 1000W SOUND SYSTEM! Noise complaints here I come!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick update


Yeah, called them this morning as I left for work and (after a relatively brief 15 minutes of hold music) I got someone who said my interwebs were being installed as we spoke. Nice. So, assuming they aren't lying bastards then I should have net when I get home which means I should have Barney's Mind done in 2 days, that's assuming I don't finish it tonight (unlikely).

After that I'm going to bang out ep 8 and 9 to make up for this ridiculous long delay.

Oh, and children, the moral of this story is, before you move, give the utility companies at least 1 month of heads-up rather than 1 week.

Friday, June 12, 2009


So, I worked from home yesterday so that I could be there when the Fairpoint guy shows up and, long story short, he didn't show up. So I called them and they said that they would get a guy out to me first thing this morning. Fine, whatever. Thankfully they FINALLY made good on something they said and a guy showed up (an hour late but whatever).

So, I now have [drumroll] PHONE! Wait? Phone? What? WHERE'S MY INTERNET! IT'S GOING TO TAKE 2 MORE DAYS!??!? ...... Ok, calm down...not getting mad at the poor repair guy...


Okay, I'm better now. Anyway, so I have phone and I have a DSL signal to the router but it still has to be set that this is the number for me to get internet at and not my old place. Okay, at least this is something easy that shouldn't be too hard for them to do right and on time.

Now, seeing as this is a Barney's Mind blog I suppose I should let you know how this impacts Barney's Mind and, it doesn't! Yay. Yeah, I was planning on going home for the next two days so I wouldn't have done any work on it anyway. I was hoping to work on it thursday after my internet was installed and then finish it sunday but it looks like now I'll start on it sunday and then I'll finish it sometime during the week. But, anyway, I'm still on track to finish Ep 7 by sometime next week.

P.S. Fairpoint is such a messed up company. While the guy was there he had to wait about 10 minutes to setup the phone because Fairpoints own phone system was down. Yes, the telephone company was having phone problems, wow. Also, he said that he recently had to take leave because of job stress which he told me was due to him getting sweared at all day by customers because some of them had been waiting 4 months for phone and internet to be installed. However, Fairpoint screwed up the leave and they didn't pay him for the 4 weeks he was off. Oh well, he told me that he finally got paid last week and he said it was pretty cool, it was like saving 4 weeks of pay.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barney's Mind - Q&A

So, here's the questions and answers thing I promised. It went over 10 minutes so I split it into two parts. I am now crossing my fingers hoping that I will have internet tomorrow and, as soon as I do, I will jump right on episode 7 and may even have it out this week if I really dive right into it.

Barney's Mind - Q&A Part 1
Barney's Mind - Q&A Part 2

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[In Professor Farnsworth voice]Good news everybody!

I just got a call from Anita at Fairpoint and she managed to bump me up to this thursday, which is good enough. So, I shall have internet soon which means Barney's Mind shall be soon (but probably not till next week).

So, yeah, YAY.

In the mean time I guess I can play some of those Wii games that people got me last Christmas that I've only put like 2 hours into.

WTF Fairpoint?

So, got home, no internet, no phone. I am currently on the phone at work with Fairpoint trying to sort this mess out. GRRRRRRR. More info as I get it.

Update: OMG! I am pissed!!! They're telling me that they can't get it done till tuesday OF NEXT F-ING WEEK!!!!!! AHGGAG!&!!*!!! I'm waiting for their supervisor to call me back so that I can rip him/her a new asshole. I mean, this is rediculous! I had the move order put in over 2 weeks ago and this is the 3rd delay I've had. Hell, if I called ANYONE else I could have had internet installed by now.

Hell, I'm so pissed I'm going to ask to be bumped up or have a month free or something or I'm cancelling my service and going to switch over to cable internet. I don't really need a phone, I have a cell phone, the only reason I kept the phone is because they gave me a good deal on it.

So, unless something changes I'm not going to have any Barney's Mind or anything done for a very long time.

Another update: So, I've downloaded all the comments pages so I will be able to post a FAQ and fan mail video cause I don't need the net to do that. I'll upload that when I get to work tomorrow.

Also, this was JUST uploaded to GraphJam.com and I stumbled upon it. I think they're making fun of me:

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm back!

Okay, so first off, I got zero work done on episode 7 due to the fact that steam decided that working in offline mode was for losers and that I needed to update steam. Kinda hard to update with no interwebs so, yeah. Played lots of single player games though and I got about 90% moved in. Also went to a rock concert and did some other stuff.

Anyway, so I still didn't have internet when I left my apartment this morning but that's okay, they said it probably wouldn't be on till sometime between 3-5 pm today. So, HOPEFULLY I'll have 'net when I get home and I will jump right on EP 7 and hopefully have that out soon.

In other news, this is what happens when I don't have internet for a weekend:

Yeah, 61 emails, about 2/3 of them youtube. lol, took me about half an hour just to read them all and respond to a few.

Oh, and to Janet and anonymous, that was pretty funny your little discussion. Also, are you kidding, I'm not pissed cause now I have something to watch during my lunch break.

Shephard's Mind - Episode T$*&@*#!

Okay, so not much else to say. If all goes well I should have the preliminary version of BM - Ep 7 done tonight so I'm thinking Wednesday for a release date. I'll put a trailer up tonight too. Rock on people.

P.S. I just hit 10,000 views on episode 1 and feel like doing something special for my fans, any ideas of what I should do?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh you got to be kidding me.

Stupid Fairpoint. They messed up my moving order so, long story (mostly involving hold music) short, I wont have internet or phone or anything until monday of next week.


However, this shouldn't impact Barney's Mind as long as I can still get Blue Shift to work in the offline mode I shouldn't have a problem making the next episode.

Oh, and in other news, Left 4 Dead 2 has been announced. Are you excited? I know I am. Oh, to you people who say "this is too soon" then I honestly don't understand what you're talking about I would rather they throw a full dev team at L4D2 and get it to where L4D should be right now rather then have 2 years of slow, semi-minor updates that apparently wouldn't be able to do what they're doing in L4D2 anyway because L4D is so much more complex and integrated than other games like TF2.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movings sucks

So, yeah, taking me a lot longer to unpack things, I think I've unpacked 2 boxes and my bed. Only 200,000,000,000,000 more boxes to go. Soooooo, no Barney's Mind for you (hell I don't even have internet at my place yet). Perhaps next week.

To hold you over there is a new Shephard's Mind out: Shephard's Mind - Episode 8