Friday, June 19, 2009


SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK (and did I mention this sucks).

I have internet, or at least I should, but my router is having problems connecting and they think its a timeout error with their equipment which will require a guy to come from them to my apartment. However, the said it will take up to two to three business days to get a guy out here so that means that it could be tuesday of next week when I have internet which means ep 7 will be (hopefully) released next week.

The pirate is not pleased.

Here fairpoint, I made you a new logo:

EDIT: OH! I think I found a way to get steam into offline mode. I was just browsing around and stumbled upon someone saying that sometime if you just have a LAN connection to the computer steam will try to update and not go into offline mode. He said that by removing the network steam will recognize that there is no interwebs and will default to offline mode which SHOULD work for me. SO! Let's hope that I can get through and run Blue Shift and then I can actually do this!!!

Oh, and for anyone who loves epic rock and/or Serj Tankian (Singer from System of a Down) then check this out and watch it 20 times like I did:

YouTube - Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead Symphony Sample

I'm not really one to get excited about music but I can honestly say that I can't wait for this album, it sounds amazing. I love Serj Tankian and I love epic rock (globus, within temptation, etc) and so this is like a dream come true for me.


  1. like the picture.....and i waiting for the new episode!!!! so freaking long time it takes....

  2. I know, over a month, trust me, this is not going to become a habit.

  3. Dear god, this is ridiculous, is Fairpoint always like that? You should post on some public forum or something about your bad experiences so Fairpoint loses customers, to serve them right!

  4. Well, they have great internet just really bad customer service. However, they don't need me to tell people everyone that's had to deal with their customer service is mad at them and they are losing customers left and right. So, actually, I don't want them to lose any more customers cause they're almost about to go bankrupt I think and then I would have to switch to cable internet (ACK!)

  5. i have time warner and my internet never goes down and the speed is fine. oh and they have good customer service.

  6. Yeah, time warner does the cable here too but they're speed is slow (or at least slower than DSL is around here, we might even be getting fiber soon)