Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[In Professor Farnsworth voice]Good news everybody!

I just got a call from Anita at Fairpoint and she managed to bump me up to this thursday, which is good enough. So, I shall have internet soon which means Barney's Mind shall be soon (but probably not till next week).

So, yeah, YAY.

In the mean time I guess I can play some of those Wii games that people got me last Christmas that I've only put like 2 hours into.


  1. Next week seems like a long time from now ( I have ADHD ) and about the wii x-box is better than both the wii and PS3 no matter what anyone says.

    * posted from my awsome iPhone *

  2. @GeEkSqUaD:
    I Haz Teh Argument!!!
    Oh wait there is no argument. Because that's toatally true!

  3. the barney sound board is funny, u actually can carry a conversation with it

  4. hmf, we in sweden just want's all these minds!!! freeman, barney, and shepards, the problem is that evry mind, EVRYONE!!! ARE SO FREAKING FUNNY/GOOD/W/E!!!!!!!

  5. Professor FarnsworthJune 10, 2009 at 2:26 AM


    I've invented a device that makes you read this in your head in my voice!

  6. @GeEkSqUaD: Yes, I need to get an 360. The wii is fun but I do like the 360 better.

    @dukeshadowforj: Yeah, I tried the board out and it's pretty cool. I may do something with it in the future.

    @Professor Farnsworth: Awesome, you got a good laugh out of me with that one.

  7. @Professor Farnsworth: I was feeling down today. After reading that. I'm going to go donate to charity!