Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[insert title here]

[insert useless introduction rant here]

YouTube - Shephard's Mind - Episode 10

[insert stuff about how I was catching up but 'oh well']
[insert random junk about what I'm doing/watching/reading/listening too]
[insert bit about how I had the cops called on me for stealing my bosses car]
[insert Barney's Mind bit about how episode 9 will be out soon]
[insert silly ending]


  1. What, you were accused of stealing your bosses// car! I hope its all sorted out/a big misunderstanding

  2. The transmission in my car died so while it's being fixed my boss loaned me his old car (just got a new one) and I've been driving that around. However, a friend of his saw me driving the car and called the cops on me.

    Thankfully it was straightened out before the cops found me but it could have been bad cause my boss was on vacation and I had no way to reach him.

  3. @dirtyblue: took you guys long enough, I set that joke up worse then a stack of dominoes.

  4. [insert comment abourt IRA and coffee madness here]
    [insert approving comment to make up for above joke]
    [insert hurried farewell]
    [insert fact that wordpress always takes two tries to post my comment here]

  5. [Insert ironic statement about IRAMightyPirate's unoriginality for mass-producing blog posts here]