Monday, June 22, 2009


I has it.


  1. Does this mean that more Barneys Mind episodes will come out sooner?
    Don't rush yourself.

  2. YAY! Your internet is working? WOOT WOOT.

    Meanwhile my computer is.....completely and totally.....DEAD!!!!

    I had to watch ep. 7, post a youtube comment, AND post this comment on my phone. :-(

    Now I'm going to curl up in a ball and cry hysterically because I have no computer. LOL

  3. Janet: That suckes, I hope you get it fixed.

    Anon: Probably not, any savings from me not having to drive to the laundry mat to upload is probably offset by the inevitable distractions having internet around me will create.

  4. IRA

    MY isp is almost as bad is yours

    Sometimes they will just cut the DSL and for somtimes 30 mins we won't even get a connection

    they do it 1-2 times a month somtimes and also they like to Throttle the internet speed for no real reason they just slow it down for no reason

    mu ISP is Bell Canada

  5. @JCLFJanet...
    by dead what do u mean? the monitor not coming on or it is cpu not turning on? it does matter, cause i could save u alot of money, just let me know which it is

    maybe u should move down here to texas IRA net service r much better, especially the closer u get to any of the metropolis areas, or even if u live in a rural area the service is still good, just stay away from ERF