Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh you got to be kidding me.

Stupid Fairpoint. They messed up my moving order so, long story (mostly involving hold music) short, I wont have internet or phone or anything until monday of next week.


However, this shouldn't impact Barney's Mind as long as I can still get Blue Shift to work in the offline mode I shouldn't have a problem making the next episode.

Oh, and in other news, Left 4 Dead 2 has been announced. Are you excited? I know I am. Oh, to you people who say "this is too soon" then I honestly don't understand what you're talking about I would rather they throw a full dev team at L4D2 and get it to where L4D should be right now rather then have 2 years of slow, semi-minor updates that apparently wouldn't be able to do what they're doing in L4D2 anyway because L4D is so much more complex and integrated than other games like TF2.



  1. I'm excited about L4D2, but a part of me wishes that they would have followed the same 4 original characters (Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey) instead of bringing in new ones (maybe follow the virus into the near future or something), but oh well.

    I was also disappointed that no info came about about half-life 2: episode 3. :-(

    Sux about your internet service. I'm having mondo problems with AT&T, so I know how you feel.

    AT&T = fail.

  2. Ive never played L4D but I wish valve would focus more development on HL2:EP3.

    *Just read the post above me, ive not been following E3 much this year but seriously nothing at all about it!?! I was expecting a lot of new info on assassins creed 2 as well but we got barely any of that, E3 sounds kinda disapointing so far this year*

  3. Great Escaper-

    Yea, NOTHING about episode 3. Someone asked Doug Lambardi if production was still going on it and he just said, "Freeman's not done yet," which was obvious! He refused to give any form of a release timeframe, too. >:/

    We all know that Valve splits into different teams- one team working on episode 3, one team working on L4D2, one team working on Steam, etc. but the episode 3 team is LAGGING!!

    And E3 is now over, so we'll be hearing NOTHING else. Epic fail.

  4. Hey, Pirate please don't angry because shephard's is coming out today just one hour ago.

  5. I'm sure he won't be mad, because he doesn't have internet to see it until Monday.


  6. lets hope he posts HIS on monday, then...

  7. I love your videos!And i like how you put in multiple references to Freeman's Mind.Thats great,also when will episode 7 come out?And whos Fairpoint????

  8. Same guy who loves your videos:Do you have any video game consoles if you do have a console oh say...A PS3!Add me erenia0324.Weird name i know.

  9. To anonymous:

    My evil internet company with retarded monkeys for customer service people. If only they didn't have the best internet around...
    I have a Wii, I will probably never own a PS3, maybe a 360.
    No, a weirder name would be ajfoe9qu790421811scnvzhUA()#@91-09023aFJA