Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, after you've all (hopefully) watched episode 8 I have a question.

This is the first episode since episode 3 that I've done by myself and I think it came out quite well.

My question is this, do you feel I should continue with the screening room asking for viewer generated comments or should I got on by myself from here? Or, I could try a combination, taking only a few viewer comments and doing the rest myself, what do you think? I've set up a poll for you guys to vote with.


  1. Wow. First one! (Perhaps)
    How bout more your voice a lot more emotion in certain situation? To feel like a real situation.(and funny at the same time)

  2. I vote to MIX IT UP. On an unrelated note, do you have much contact with Krimsin? If so, can you tell us why he isn't posting? Most of us think he's waiting for you to get to a certain point, but still.

  3. I talk to him every once and a while but I haven't talked with him since lately. I'm also assuming that he's waiting for me to catch up but I don't know for sure.

  4. You seem more than fine on your own. Speak up damn you. ;) Can't hear half of what you said. Just stick to one personality and the rest will be quie obvoius.

    If you want to be really ambitious? Give him a short term radio and a ally that helps him, or makes it worse. If you remeber HL2 where Alyx is talking GF though the fight wih all the combine soldiers, I am sure you could use something like that.

    So what was the verdict on the car anyways?

  5. It wasn't me speaking up, I didn't fine tune the audio from the game as well as I usually do. I need to balance it out more so that when I fire a gun I quiet the game down.

    Anyway, I think I'm going to not do the radio thing but it's a good idea.

    I will find out monday, I think it the torque converter but no matter what it's going to be a lot of money.

  6. You should use your own dialog and indeed, put more emotion in your lines.

  7. I think you should do both, like you have been doing.

    Even when people suggest lines for the episodes, you still end up fillig in 70% of the parts that people haven't suggested any dialogue for. So it's a good mixture of fan participation and your own creative genius!