Friday, June 12, 2009


So, I worked from home yesterday so that I could be there when the Fairpoint guy shows up and, long story short, he didn't show up. So I called them and they said that they would get a guy out to me first thing this morning. Fine, whatever. Thankfully they FINALLY made good on something they said and a guy showed up (an hour late but whatever).

So, I now have [drumroll] PHONE! Wait? Phone? What? WHERE'S MY INTERNET! IT'S GOING TO TAKE 2 MORE DAYS!??!? ...... Ok, calm down...not getting mad at the poor repair guy...


Okay, I'm better now. Anyway, so I have phone and I have a DSL signal to the router but it still has to be set that this is the number for me to get internet at and not my old place. Okay, at least this is something easy that shouldn't be too hard for them to do right and on time.

Now, seeing as this is a Barney's Mind blog I suppose I should let you know how this impacts Barney's Mind and, it doesn't! Yay. Yeah, I was planning on going home for the next two days so I wouldn't have done any work on it anyway. I was hoping to work on it thursday after my internet was installed and then finish it sunday but it looks like now I'll start on it sunday and then I'll finish it sometime during the week. But, anyway, I'm still on track to finish Ep 7 by sometime next week.

P.S. Fairpoint is such a messed up company. While the guy was there he had to wait about 10 minutes to setup the phone because Fairpoints own phone system was down. Yes, the telephone company was having phone problems, wow. Also, he said that he recently had to take leave because of job stress which he told me was due to him getting sweared at all day by customers because some of them had been waiting 4 months for phone and internet to be installed. However, Fairpoint screwed up the leave and they didn't pay him for the 4 weeks he was off. Oh well, he told me that he finally got paid last week and he said it was pretty cool, it was like saving 4 weeks of pay.


  1. if you're having so many problems, then freaking switch already! Don't you see that fairpoint has horrible service? hell, i'd be willing to pay for comcast if it meant it wouldn't be broken all the time...

  2. I finally switched BACK to Cox and my life is so much better. X-D

    So I just realized, it's been like 3 weeks since episode 6. *gasp!* The means you're starting to get the half-life "mind" series lag, like Freeman's mind!

    Hahahaha, just kidding. Glad to hear your internet is almost up and running. And what a random story from the technitian guy. :-/ It's almost depressing that Fairpoint is so inept that their employees are feeling that stressed about about it.

  3. I would switch but the only other service (aside from dial-up) is Time-Warner Cable and I'm not doing that cause their service is equally suck AND their internet is slow. At least fairpoint, once you get it hooked up, is fast and in the year and a half I've been with them I haven't had a single outage on my internet, they just have rediculously bad customer service.

  4. okey, thats company it's a piece of bullshit with a little more bullshit on it, GO TO SWEDEN!!!! YOU GET INTERNET AND PHONE FAST HERE!!! :))))

  5. Wow, that bad? It's almost like BT, we had a problem with our internet connection so we phoned up BT. Obviously we were routed to India. There was a switch that reset the router on the side and he told us to press it and hold it until he told us to stop. Well we press and guess what, it cuts the line!! So we can no longer hear the guy on the phone telling us to stop holding the switch! So we sit there holding it for like 5 mins until we finally let go and found our internet problem was fixed. He rang up later though asking why WE hung up on him!!

  6. lol, sometimes the way things go you end up the ever popular SNAFU situation. why is that? especially in the U.S., i blame it on the democrats

  7. i was dukeshadoforj but now that i follow this i decided to use my more.....famous name

  8. Barny honestly My Time wanner cable isnt that bad it isent slow but it isent fast.. and plus we get GOOD customer servies becuase of the lovley mexicans in CALI lol!

  9. What's with the mexican crack regarding your stupid cable service? First of all, your incoherent comment barely makes sense, but you managed to get a massively sarcastic "lovely Mexican" crack in there. lololololol

    Yeah, there are mexicans in California. I'm white, but my neice and nephew are half mexican and get called "beaner" at school by racist kids who are raised by racist people like you.

    So there are a lot of mexicans in California? SO WHAT?!? Unless you are Native American, you are decendants of immigrants, too.

    People in California (especially san diego, where I'm from) act like cultural diversity is the worst thing that could happen to the world!

    OOOPS! You're a racist.

  10. wow Janet, I was just going to let his comment slide but you really slammed the door on him hard there.

    Though, yes, he desirved it.

  11. lol how did he deserve it? what if they are illegal and jumped the boreder? you don't know, and i find it funny how only white people are ever considered racist. oh well. guess i have to be half something so i can call people whatever i want and everyone is cool with it.

  12. What if they weren't? Innocent until proven guilty. I agree on the second point. If I started a fund to support white people to go to college, that's racist but if I start a fund for a black person to go to college that's affirmative action.

  13. rotflol
    and i thought texas was the racist capital, evidentlyit isnt
    in my opinion racism is only fear of people whos skin color is different and covering that fear with insults
    tho there r some people who deserve the insults

  14. I don't think that only white people are called racist. My niece and nephew's father (a Mexican) is supremely racist and berates my sister all the time for being white and makes fun of his own kids, calling them "half Mexican and half inbred redneck" (he assumes all white people are inbred). He’s an ignorant racist who got my sister pregnant accidentally, which is the only reason we are forced to associate with him.

    I just think that any generalizations based on race are stupid. Assuming that all Mexicans in this country are illegal fence hoppers is as ignorant as assuming all white people are racist rednecks who have sex with their sisters. Racism works both ways. Mexican, Black, and Asian people can be just as guilty, in my opinion. You don't have to be a mixed race person to say racist things- no one should say them ever because it shows one's deep ignorance.

    In terms of “affirmative action,” the college funds analogy is kind of faulty, though because college fund programs are usually privately funded by private interest groups. The KKK could have a college fund for white students, if they really wanted to.

    However, if the GOVERNMENT made a program that funded white kids to go to school and not any other race, that would be racist. HOWEVER, I think that most RATIONAL people would agree that if it were the other way around- say the government funded a Mexican student fund instead it would ALSO be racist because it is discriminatory against everyone else. So, in actuality, government support to enhance the status of ONLY selective minority groups IS seen as racist- which I agree with. The government should not institute any program that gives an unfair advantage to one group over another. Private organizations, though, are more immune to this.

  15. Vindicus BansheeWraith-

    Heck no! I think that California is the racist capital of the UNIVERSE! It's insane!

    However, I do disagree with your opinion that certain PEOPLE of a race deserve insults.

    Take my neice and nephew's father, for example- he's racist (see above), ignorant, a degenerate drunk, loser, etc. etc. HOWEVER, he isn't those things because he's Mexican, he's those things just because he's stupid.

    People aren't good/bad/stupid/smart/etc. because of their race. It's because of their personalities and attitudes towards life. Stupidity, intelligence, evil, goodness, etc. span across ALL races.

  16. i probably should be more clear with what i had said as to who deserves insults.
    i said that because there r some members of ethnic groups r not exactly good people, by that i mean there r some who lie, cheat, steal, the whole nine yards. these types deserve the insults, i just would advise not using the insult to their face unless you have the muscle to back yourself up

  17. whats the status?

  18. @ anonymous if there's a status change, he'll make a new post. And odds are, there's yet ANOTHER delay...T_T