Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WTF Fairpoint?

So, got home, no internet, no phone. I am currently on the phone at work with Fairpoint trying to sort this mess out. GRRRRRRR. More info as I get it.

Update: OMG! I am pissed!!! They're telling me that they can't get it done till tuesday OF NEXT F-ING WEEK!!!!!! AHGGAG!&!!*!!! I'm waiting for their supervisor to call me back so that I can rip him/her a new asshole. I mean, this is rediculous! I had the move order put in over 2 weeks ago and this is the 3rd delay I've had. Hell, if I called ANYONE else I could have had internet installed by now.

Hell, I'm so pissed I'm going to ask to be bumped up or have a month free or something or I'm cancelling my service and going to switch over to cable internet. I don't really need a phone, I have a cell phone, the only reason I kept the phone is because they gave me a good deal on it.

So, unless something changes I'm not going to have any Barney's Mind or anything done for a very long time.

Another update: So, I've downloaded all the comments pages so I will be able to post a FAQ and fan mail video cause I don't need the net to do that. I'll upload that when I get to work tomorrow.

Also, this was JUST uploaded to GraphJam.com and I stumbled upon it. I think they're making fun of me:


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  2. Ooh we'd be screwed if that happened to us, there is a large hill behind our house that shields mobile signals, terrestrial television signals and radio signals, if it wasn't for our satellite dish and a good broadband connection, we would be cut off from the world (I live in a small village in Scotland) =/

    *Reposted due to a lot of careless spelling mistakes in the original*

  3. Pfft. I feel your pain! I've been hassling with AT&T to get my service with them cancelled. They want to charge me a $200 cancellation fee even though they've NEVER provided me with the maximum speed I ordered thru them (I pay for 9MBs and have been getting 1mb AT BEST!) There's a reason that cable companies, phone companies, internet companies, plumbers, etc. have the reputation they have.

    Those companies have made sucktacular customer service into an ARTFORM!

    OHHHH!!! I got it! For your 10,000 views you should go a garry's mod episode involving the internet company- maybe where you chronicle your experiences through gmod comedy. I dunno, rough idea. :-)

  4. Did they say it was a 9 MBps connection or that you would actually see 9 MBps? Cause right now I have (or should have) a 7 MBps connection but that's really the speed that the local server has which is re-distributed amongst all the local users of that server.

    Anyway, but, yes they suck at customer service. I haven't met a single person that likes Fairpoint's service. I (and I can't believe I'm saying this) miss Verizon's internet.

    Oh, and maybe I should do a prank call to Fairpoint acting as Barney, record it, and see how far I get. heh, that could be funny.

  5. move to sweden, great internet, not so verry fast sometimes, but you get it fast!!!

    in a company, if they have internet down in like three days or something we have the internet free for a month, loving that!

    BTW, we missing BM, it's cold out here!!!

  6. I just wish there was a way I could get steam, and therefore Barney's Mind working without the net. I wish I had been thoughtful enough to put steam in offline mode before I left but, stupid me, I figured that I would have internet only a few days after moving into my new apartment.

  7. No, I'm actually supposed to be GETTING 9mb's, but since AT&T internet is based off phone lines, it sucks at my house (because the salty, misty ocean atmosphere around my house corrodes the phone lines or some BS like that). Somehow they act like it's not THEIR fault that they are inept and can't deal with salt-water corrosion. Oh no, it’s the ATMOSPHERE’S fault for being so salty! >:-/ grrrr!

    And yes, silly you for thinking that you could get the service you are paying for in a timely fashion after moving. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Heavens, no! They want to send you back to the stone ages for three weeks before getting around to you. /rant

    ANYWHOO, I think that the prank call thing would be funny. I found a Barney Calhoun soundboard on the internet, you can download it and use it to prank call anyone! :-p


    just click “free user”--- don’t pay for the stupid service. LOL


  9. dude 9 mb is slow as shit, out where i live i get almost 1gb, connection speed, tho of course the broadcast tower for my internet is only 1 mile from my house, and i live out in the country