Friday, July 17, 2009

Ack, delay

Well, my computers been long due for a reformat, lots of stuff going wrong but I've managed to muscle through it for over a year now.

No more, steam finally died to a corrupted file that my computer is now refusing to delete or have anything to do with whilst citing a cyclic redundancy check error. So, yay, I guess I'll be spending this weekend reformatting and such, go me.


  1. Can't you manually delete it and let Steam try to redownload it later?

    Have fun with the formatting, I'll sit here and watch the new Freeman's Mind while I wait ;)

  2. Bah, I hate it when computers decide to do stuff like this. Anyways, good luck and I hope you don't screw something up.

  3. Goddamnit, use Linux. Be root, give it 777 permission, then remove that file.
    Anyway, you can run Steam on Linux too. Not as hard as people think it is.

    Just think about it. Your OS won't die, your game won't crash, viruses won't be able to be run...

  4. @ first anon: Tried that.
    @ awsgames: Yea, stupid hard drive bad sectors.
    @ second anon: Why would I want to use linux, most of my games and software wouldn't run then. In any case I ran this box for 3 years since the last reformat, never had a virus or any spyware on here, it's run quite stable and relatively trouble free. The only reason this happened is just a bad sector on my HDD which I'm sure is the reason for 99% of the other minor issues I've been having. Also, as it's a CRC error being root wouldn't allow me to delete it any better, the sector had to be recovered.

    Don't get me wrong, I like linux, but only if I were running a server, otherwise there's no reason for me to use it and plenty of reasons for me not to use it.

  5. (the second anonymus again):
    I see.
    That was just an advice. And I know how difficult to get use to another OS. So I've got both of them on my computer. Usually I use lin for webbrowsing, programming, chatting, playing games, modelling, etc. and I use win for running AutoCAD.

  6. I got that same Cyclic redundancy error when I was reinstalling Morrowind. I might have to reformat to? ACK!!! and I just reinstalled windows just recently. I might just go and buy a 64 bit windows so I can fit more ram in.

  7. @nathaniel: try running checkdisk, that should fix the CRC error

  8. is checkdisk a downloadable program or is already with windows?

  9. Already with windows, open My Computer, right click on the drive to check, select properties, click on tools, should be in there under 'error checking'.