Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barney's Mind - Episode 10 Raw Footage

Episode 10 raw footage is out, I figured I haven't put anything out there for dialog suggestions so here you go. I didn't want to cut anything from this one so the time went over 10 minutes, thus I split it into two parts.

Anyway, knock yourselves out:
Part 1
Part 2


  1. Looks good. At the train yard, How about commenting on the wrong type of turntable? (DJ Barney?). And I always expected someone to read something from those pinboards on the walls (as in the admin building). Say, a typewriter for sale or something like that. And remember how the fallen guard next to the vending machines owed you a beer or something ;)

  2. We bearly wait for next finished episode.
    You are bloody awesome!

  3. when you get to the dude ( dr rozenburg) thats stuck and sayes "hello can anybody hear me" make line like well i can hear you but can you just shut up i`m thinking. and then afther the next one oh just shut up ( angry voice) etc etc.
    when the doc i done talking about the constructions stuff just do something like ooooh mister bigshot knows some building stuff going on. ( part 2 around 2 min )

  4. Sorry, I'm no good at thinking up lines.
    But still, I hope the next episode is as good as the rest. Although I see no reason why it wouldn't.

  5. Part 2, 6:01: it looks like you missed a loading screen.

  6. @ Grazara

    learn to use capital letters and also use punctuation srsly

  7. @Crazy cal

    When i posted the comment i was like "damm shit loads of typo`s and stuff".
    and L2 do the same.

    Ontopic:: cant wait btw