Sunday, July 5, 2009

Barney's Mind - Episode 9

YouTube: Barney's Mind - Episode 9

Yay, it's out! I started using an actual audio program for this one so now I can do pitch changes and such and so on. I'm still learning but you might already be able to tell that the audio quality was a little better in this one. Also, using an actual audio program(s) allows me to combine multiple sound tracks into one and to do echo effects and the like so that makes things easier.

Other things, I found this episode to be kind of hard to make funny. There really wasn't many opportunities to make any good jokes. I dunno, it's good though, kind of an action episode.

Anyway, the music is Revival by Orgy.


  1. I love how you included the hazard course. Also,was the remark about crossing stuff out of your lost to do a viewer suggested comment?

  2. That was epic, even without thousands of jokes.

    "Ok, I'll just make up a name for you. How about Orion? No, that's stupid... Oh! I know! Douchebag!


    Carry my guns for me, Douchebag."