Friday, July 10, 2009

Barney's/Shephard's Mind Q&A

Okay, so it looks like the Q&A will be Monday, the 13th, 2009 at 8 PM EDT.

KrimsinYT should be there as will I. We will be doing this over the Skype service, you can download the client here:

Skype just came out with a new client, not sure what they changed but to make sure there are no conflicts I suggest we all download the new client (version 4.1) if you already have Skype. Once you've downloaded Skype it's an easy install and account creation process and you're all set to talk to people over the net. If you have any questions just ask me and I can help you out.

Now, for the Q&A you will NOT need a mic, so don't worry about that, you can ask questions over the chat feature on skype and we will read them outloud.

To join the Q&A I'm going to setup a conference call. To do this, I will need your Skype name (it's listed at the very top of the Skype window if you forget it). However, as we're doing this first come first served what were going to do is on sunday at 8 PM EDT I'm going to create a post on here and you guys should reply to it with your Skype name. This list will be the order that I contact people for the Q&A and invite them to the Q&A conference call. If for some reason you're not on when the Q&A starts I'll skip you and go to the next person in line. Also, if someone leaves during the Q&A and doesn't say that they will be right back then I will fill their spot with the next person in line.

Now, we should have just the right amount of space in the conference call (24 people) but if that isn't enough then people will have to wait for someone to leave the Q&A or for the recorded audio, which should be out almost imediately after the Q&A.

Anyway, I know this is a little complex, sorry about that. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and we'll all have a good time. Oh, and I'll probably be logging into Skype a little early on Monday to get everything setup and to help anyone having problems joining. However, I highly reccomend that you use Skype at least once before the Q&A to make sure everything works right.

Anyway see you all Monday.


  1. Why not do a skype cast, that way people can join just to listen, and ppl can ask to pe pulled up to talk.

  2. i added you but my skype name is g4tech1

  3. what's Krimsin's skype?

  4. I just downloaded and installed skype. My skype name is awsgames

  5. @Nathaniel:

    Apparently, Skypecasts were discontinued last year.

  6. mine's AxS_Krimsin

  7. Mine will be Madman123

  8. Wait take that back. Mine is Madman2131

  9. Mine is happycow524

  10. love to be part of your skype call
    my skype name is Guard_Graz i now need to check what time it is :P

    can you say what time it is when you live europe ?

  11. It's easy to figure out. Just look up the timezones. EDT is UTC-0400, then just add one hour for each timezone east in Europe (and another hour for DST). So we have:

    2000 EDT (Monday)
    0000 UTC (Tuesday)
    0100 WEST (...)
    0200 CEST
    0300 EEST
    0400 MST

    (Disclaimer: I'm not European, so it's possible there's something I'm unaware of.)

  12. what u guys like the most about your characters