Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm bored now

Well, someone knocked out the power to my office and, as I'm the only one here, and now without any computers (except my laptop on which I am writting), any work (hopefully autosave worked), any lights, or any internet radio, I'm bored. So, I figured I'd rant about this until something happens.

Oh, here we go, I went out side after the second flicker and heard a transformer pop and now there's a bunch of firetrucks and cop cars driving by. Guess someone hit a pole just around the corner.

And now the firetrucks are coming back, guess it wasn't that bad.

YAY! I have power back now I....can....go....back to work....blah.

P.S. I remember when a power outage at school was awesome because if it was out for more then an hour or two we all went home (usually due to cold weather outside and no heaters). But then I went to college and whenever the power went out we all just had to squint harder at our textbooks and notes and hope our laptop battery didn't die so we could keep playing internet poker instead of learning about differential equations. Ahh, good times.

P.P.S. Oh, and I found this randomly on wikipedia. It's from the book "Bored of the Rings" and if you're a Lord of the Rings book fan (you movie people probably wont find it as funny) and you've spent hours following the characters on the not so legible Tolkien maps (thank god for the Atlas of Middle Earth) then you should also have tears of laughter running down your face from this map:


  1. *squints at LOTR map* *doesn't get whats funny* *remembers he's only read the books once and I never really understood them* *considers passing this onto my LOTR obsessed friend but doesnt want to recieve a 20 minute lecture on some obscure refrence...* Shame about the power outages though

  2. Oh, don't worry he wont (I think) give you a 20 minute lecture. The joke is mainly the hilarious names combined with the curving hard to read text.

    Heh, 'the dotted line' and the scale in cubits are my favorite.

  3. Oh though if you want a 40 minute lecture I'd be happy to give one :P

    MightyPirate = total LotR nerd (AND PROUD OF IT!)

  4. Man, I love power outagges at school. It's cool 'cause everyopne freaks out when they first go off. Well anyways, I hope power comes back for you so you can not be so bored.

  5. I once turned the lights out and they thought it was a blackout.

  6. Haha oh wow. "Land of the singing pigs" got me.