Friday, July 31, 2009

New podcast pilot

So, did another pilot podcast with Janet from San Diego a few days ago and here it is for your listening pleasure. I wanted to keep this podcast short(er) but that kind of failed.

I'm not really sure if I like these podcasts, I've done one other pilot podcast since the first one a while back and I just can't seem to be making any headway, they just don't seem that entertaining to me. Maybe this won't work out, I just can't seem to compare it to some of the other podcasts I listen too such as this one:

Matt, Yug and Yahtzee talk about recent and upcoming games

Anyway, here it is: Insert Title Here - Pilot Episode

P.S. Sorry about the hum in the background, Janet had her fan on and I just couldn't edit it out that well.


  1. You know, I agree with you 100% about Valve and Episode 3. Left 4 Dead 2 seems like it will be fun, I never got to play 1 so I'll probably skip over it and get 2 instead. Anyways, I can't wait for the finale of Barneys Mind and seeing the plane and him meeting Shephard. Good luck.

  2. I couldn't hear a hum, even when listening with earphones.

    But sorry about the fan. It's a whopping 80 degrees in san diego! LOL

    And god, my mic sucks! :-(

  3. I like it I dont know why youd stop doing it.

  4. I liked it as wel.

    Janet i wish i was you i wanted to go to comic con.
    But its kinda pricey for me need to come al the way from the netherlands :P

    Cant wait for the next podcast * wink* *hint*

  5. I did hear the fan in places. You might experiment with denoise filters or something. I don't know whether it works when the noise is intermittent, and you probably need a sample of the noise with nothing else for the filter to work properly. But at least look into it.

    Also, if you do intent to continue this, please work on synchronization: your voice was about 2-3 seconds *ahead* of Janet's in this recording, so it sounded like you knew what she was just about to say! :-D And more seriously, it's hard to follow.

    To everyone else: we might enjoy listening to these podcasts, but if Ian doesn't enjoy doing them, it won't work, so we must consider that.

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  7. Hey this is a random question but what is our steam acount.

  8. Woah! This is what I get for going away for the weekend.

    awsgames: Awesome, yeah a lot of people are skipping l4d1 for l4d2

    Janet: yeah, the fan wasn't too bad but I think your mic is quite good considering it was just a laptop mic.

    Anon and Grazara: Glad you both liked it, I guess I'll keep at it. I suppose, like all things, I just need to work at it to get it better.

    Anon: Yeah, I applied a de-noise filter but to make it remove the fan totally would either require me to spend about 5 hours fine tuning the audio or it would remove a lot of the mid-tones from the audio resulting in dull sounding voices.

    Yeah, I know it's hard to follow, it's just hard to keep this unscripted and really good. I'll keep at it though as there seems to be a decent amount of interest. Oh, and don't worry, I love making these, I would make them even if nobody listened, I was just a little disheartened, I'm a perfectionist and always hold myself to a really high standard. Honestly though, I love making these, it's so much fun just to chat with people about whatever.

    Zach: Good to know, maybe one day I'll read the book. I love reading but have so many books on my plate at the moment I can't add any more.

    Anon: either ian_r_us or {cDS} TehMightyPirate not sure which one steam uses.

  9. Have fun on your holidays mate