Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Q&A and contest

Sooooooooo, after lots of thinking I've decided that I'm going to do a new title and put it on all of the new videos from this point on. I just don't like the title, it was done in half an hour over a lunch break at work. However, I figured that rather then me do a new title I thought it would be fun to make a little contest out of it!

There is a great image of the 3 Barney's face on, as you might tell I used the center one for my original logo.

However, I suggest people try things different, you don't just have to do the while background with the black silhouette of Barney's head. Do whatever you think would make a cool logo as long as you leave me space for the title and the episode number. If you don't have Photoshop try paint.com, it's a good Photoshop substitute.

Anyway, to submit just upload it to any photo sharing site such a flickr.com, webshots.com, facebook.com, deviantart.com or whatever. Send me the link through a PM on either here (if you want other people to see it) or on YouTube. The winner, chosen by me, will have their logo posted at the start of every episode from now on, as well as any episode I re-do later, and will have their name (real if you desire or username) put into the credits. Contest closes wednesday of next week at 6 PM EDT.

Here is a concise version of the contest:
  1. Make a Barney's Mind Title, doesn't have to look like Freeman's Mind title if you don't want it too. Make whatever you think would be cool.
  2. Include a spot for text (but please don't put any text in there)
  3. Image size: 640x480
  4. Format: Any
  5. How to submit: upload to anywhere on the internet and send me a link by PM or comment
  6. Prize: I'll use it and you get in the credits of BM
  7. Due date: Wednesday the 15th by 6 PM EDT (the time can be fudged a bit)
  8. Other: DO NOT use copyrighted or other peoples material in making the title, it has to be 100% your work (unless you have permission of course).
So, have fun with that, I look forward to the submissions. I will of course make a blog showing the winner and any honerable mentions. Also, if it ends up a tie where I can't decide which to use I'll run the tie-breaker as a public poll on this blog.


Now, the Q&A is all but set for Monday next week at 8 PM EDT (I can make it later or earlier if this works better for people). It will probably go for a half hour to an hour depending on how much fun we're having. It will be done over Skype (which can be downloaded for free) using the conference call feature. I'm going to work out the details of how you guys will join in and what will happen if we have more people then can fit in the conference call (24 people max). Also, of course, I will record it and post it for all to see.

EDIT: Oh, and here's my Skype name if anyone wants to chat it up sometime: tehmightypirate

I'm usually on every night around 6 pm.


  1. Done!

    so I saved 2 versions, I liked the hair to much to put the brain bubble over it, so I put a curved rectangle at the bottom, but if you want to put the brain bubble your self, be my guest.


  2. Oh and right clikc the image and click save as...

  3. Cool. I would participate, but i can't work with any form of drawing software, and I can barely Draw well with pen and paper, soooo :P

  4. Well, you could just draw it and scan it, doesn't have to be digital to begin with.

  5. i saw nothing wrong with the current logo, it fits with the freeman and sheppard series

  6. Yes, I suppose I should mention that unless something just jumps out at me I'm not going to change the formet. If I were doing the logo I'd probably just redo the line so they were sharper, like the Shephard's Mind logo.

    Also, Nathaniel suggested that I could do a logo with a brain and Barney's helmet on top of it which I thought would be unique. If no one makes that one I'm going to try it.

  7. why does barney keep looking younger and younger each game?

  8. @ Anonymous

    It's a Benjamin Button thing. I think the Aliens did it.

  9. Q&A should be fun if I can remember to make it.

  10. I am half way doing a Freeman's Mind Styled Brain. it's tough drawing all those grooves in the brain.

  11. I would try and make one, but sadly I don't have a scanner and I'm absolutely terrible at digital art.

  12. heres mine!
    username is berniebud.


  13. I believe you mean paint.net, not paint.com... :)

  14. yeah, paint.net.

    @Bernie: very nice

  15. I think you should just use the normal one, it may be fast and sloppy, but it has a really good resemblance.