Monday, July 13, 2009


AHNSJHCXCASL:KL:KL:K!!!!!![insert strangled noise here]

Okay, that was crazy in a hat but it was fun...yes, I will keep telling myself that. So, I said I'd have the audio up tonight but I was hoping I wouldn't have to edit it. Hah, not a chance, so much mindless noise and chatter and useless stuff that I'm going to edit out. Might take me a bit.

In any case, it was fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again but, for the love of god, we are going to do smaller groups next time, if at all. That was way too chaotic. Oh well, it worked out pretty good and I think you guys may like it.


  1. It was indeed fun. But don't remove too much. Some of the "mindless chatter" gives it its flavor; it doesn't all have to be about the questions and answers.

    Also, I wouldn't mind doing this again sometime. Maybe in the future, you should call everyone individually and attempt to clear up any issues like congested connections, too-low mic volumes, background noise, etc. Not to mention take the opportunity ahead of time to remind people to consider muting their mics if they have nothing to contribute (like if they're out of the room or whatever); I'm not saying everyone needs to be silent, of course, just don't make needless noise. Well, those are my thoughts. I'd still do it over again either way, though.

  2. can we haz numbah 10 naow?

  3. so... what questions did you answer? (prays for SM/BM crossover details)

  4. If you do this again, maybe you can divide it into different sessons. Like pick 4 or 5 people for one day, another 4-5 for a different day, another 4-5 for another day, etc.

    That way you don't have to worry about managing the numbers of people, the people can maybe pick sessions/days that are better for them personally (*hint* *hint* when I'm not on the tolley home), it won't be so crazy, and individuals can ask more questions.

    I dunno. Just a thought.

  5. I have a better Idea, Use Ventrillo. much better than sktpe. my buddy has a server and he and me and 2 others are like the only ones on. I'll ask if it's ok and how many can the server hold.

  6. x4f1t1
    man i so wanted to be there but my skype stuffed up im so depressed

  7. lol anyway plz dont remove the duke nukem forever joke i made and dont remove the headcrab mind joke eather that was the best xD

  8. Don't worry, I'm not going to remove the chatter, just the blank spots and the bits about "I got lag" and such.

  9. it was fun only joined the last 15 min and it was laggy as hell but i got 1 question anserd i think :P
    i so wana listen to it on youtube and mabye some one asked my questions as well.

    i stayed up for this (it was 2am untill 3 am here and like i sayed it was laggy for me the next time you guys wana do it give me a poke and i will try to get a Teamspeak server or something ).


  10. That was awesome, expect near the end I somehow got myself iout of the discussion and had to ask Krimson to ask you to invite me back in, but when I got in there was only like 30 seconds left.
    Anyways, if had a mic when you guys were talking about Duke Nukem I would've done my impression of him, it's dead-on perfect.

  11. wait there were questions? i was there through 7:30-9:30 and it was a complete failure! it was horrible and i knew we shouldve done it on!


  12. The first half was definitely better than the second half. After that, it started to degenerate. I got accidentally left out, and thought I was missing something, but listening to the recording, I realize I wasn't.