Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ross Scott does interview with Podcast 17

Ross Scott and Craig Mengel (and a ton of others) get interviewed on Podcast 17 (link)

I had an issue with skipping around on the podcast, anyone else have this bug? Anyway, the interview starts around the 50 minute mark.

EDIT: Oh, here you go: direct link to just the interview only: interview

EDIT AGAIN: Well, after listening to it I had quite a few thoughts. First off I was surprised at how similar my thoughts on the design process are when compared to Ross Scott's, especially on how we come up with dialog for the episodes. Second, I'm glad someone mentioned the Freeman's Mind spinoffs (Shephard's Mind and Barney's Mind) and I was surprised to hear the Ross not only hadn't seen them but didn't really want to (whist citing that he doesn't really like watching his own episodes, which I completely understand).

Anyway, cool interview, way too long though. Oh well, it gave me something to listen to at work.


  1. Yeah, I had an issue with skipping around on it. It would start playing where youy wanted it to but it would also keep playing where it was before. So there are two voices going at the same time, right?

    Anyways, just finished listening to the interview and I'm amazed at how much Craig sounds like you.

  2. Well, I heard mention of Shephard's Mind but not Barney's Mind. So, I don't think it's clear whether they know about you. Oh, well. You might get some indirect exposure from it.

    @awsgames: Just download the MP3 and use the media player of your choice.

  3. I didn't expect them to mention my site at Half-Life Creations. That's bawss.