Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Episode 11 raw footage

YouTube - Episode 11 Raw Footage is out. Go there and suggest dialog and stuff.

Anyway, going on vacation in two days, see you all when I get back!

EDIT: Yeah, this episode is going to be amazing. I had already thought of a million jokes for this one (strangely a lot of you guys thought of the same lines as I did) but some people thought of some really good ones that I hadn't thought off at all. Yeah, this next episode is going to be quite the good one. I'm going to try to get a trailer up for it tonight so that you have something to make you go crazy until I get back.

P.S. If I leave for a day or two I get about 50 messages. I wonder if I'll break my email with the amount of messages I'm going to get when I come back from vacation. :D


  1. have fun on vacation and dont worry about us we can wait for 12 its not as if we will be waiting ages like we do for freemans mind lol. and im really enjoying the all minds and have been following yours since episode 4 and it just gets better every episode. id like to see u and krimsin do more stuff together when yous are both done with minds that would be sweet

  2. Good luck on your vacation. Can't wait to see Barneys reaction to Xen.

  3. Hey, that's not berniebuddy's logo! You went back to your own, but it's still credited as being by berniebuddy!

  4. whoops, my bad, I'll change the credits on the actual video.