Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some stuff about the vacation

Anyway, first off, I'll get back to working on Barney's Mind - Episode 11 right away, should have it out by the end of the week (if not sooner).

So, back from vacation. It was the most fun I've had in a very long time, hell even the 5 hours in a bus and then 7 hours in a car wasn't so bad because on the bus I read (and finished) a really good book and then the car ride I got to hang out and chat with my pal {cDS} Zarcon.

This was the first time I've gone to this clan outing and it was so much fun to meet all these people who I know but have never actually met in person. A whole bunch of really awesome people. We had tons of fun playing horseshoes, pool, cards, paintball, and so on. Plenty of drinking too but I think most people wanted to avoid the hangovers so they could play paintball.

Speaking of paintball, one of the clan members {cDS} GroundXero is really into paintball and he sponsored a competition for a $100 paintball gun and a full paintball kit and I won! Totally sweet, I'm so stoked cause after playing paintball at the outing I can say I'm hooked. It was a ton of fun and I plan on doing it a lot more.

Here's the gun I won:

Anyway, I'll probably make another post with more stuff later but for now have a video of the event:

2009 Cyber Death Squad Outing


  1. Sounds like all the time spent killing the aliens of Black Mesa was good practice!

  2. http://www.splitreason.com/productdetail.php?id=743
    lmao, for u guys who like L4D

  3. Looked like it was fun. Good job on winning the paintball gun. And I thought I was the only one who drank Tobasco. >:(
    Can't wait until episode 11 comes out.

  4. hey, must of been nice lol, can u post a post ( lol at that ) about your clan cose i never knew u were in 1!?!?!