Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fantasy football and update

So sorry it's been taking so long, I've been so busy and so lazy. I need to fix my car, about every dish I own is sitting in the sink to be washed... you get the idea. I dunno, I guess I've just needed a break from my usual really busy self.

Anyway, I'm pulling out of it and have gotten about 40% of Episode 12 done. Not sure yet when I'll have it done but soon, I promise.

Another thing, anyone who wanted (or wants) to play fantasy football (American football) with my and my counter-strike clan feel free to join us. We're doing it on, you can go to this link for it: Yahoo Fantasy Football

Once there, click on "join a team" at the top. You will need a yahoo account for this but that's easy to setup. Once logged in click "join custom" and enter the following league ID and password:

League ID: 843121
Password: cds

From there you can create a team, do stuff, and wait for the draft which will be a live draft on Sunday, September 6th at 6 PM EDT.

Now, if you have NO idea what fantasy football is it's pretty simple. Basically you pick your favorite football stars in the draft (unless someone else picks them first) then as the season progresses you score points whenever your players do good (almost as if they were all on one team). You have to manage your team throughout the year, substituting players that are doing good for players that are doing bad, substituting uninjured players for injured ones, etc. Think of it as kind of a RPG for football. The best part about it in my mind is that you can now watch football games and not only cheer on your favorite teams but also your own team and players.

If you want to do it but have no idea what you're doing (like me) then I suggest you browse over to this site: and that should get you started.

P.S. A thousand curses on anyone who steals my favorite players from me.


  1. Your the mighty Pirate im guessing heh

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