Friday, October 23, 2009


A observant fan just pointed out that I just got subscribed to by non other than the official machinima channel! Holy Batman and Robin on a iceberg this is crazy! What does this mean? Is it actually Ross Scott or is it just the machnima website people or what? So many questions.

Anyway, in other less exciting but I'm sure plenty interesting news I released the first minute of Barney's Mind - Episode 14 for you guys. I felt I wasn't getting enough e-mail from YouTube so I figured this would fix that until I release the real episode which should be fairly soon as I stayed up late last night and got over 50% of episode 14 done.

Might have some paintball videos this Sunday as I've rigged my cheap-o camera to my hopper on the gun so I can get in-game footage and such.

ummm...not much else to say. RAWR!


  1. It's the Machinima people, seeing Ross Scott does NOT have a youtube channel.

    Way to go on being recognized!

  2. YAY!! :3 You get cookies and hugs. Don't ask just accept it.


    On a more serious note, I love your videos and I can't wait to see more of them. WOOHOO!

  3. yeah first they say ur a copycat who should be shot now they love u wtf!!!

  4. heir now assholes and hippocrates whats next they better not do this for mine

  5. Togky, keep in mind that was just a few of the users, not machinima themselves.

    Oh, and thanks for the e-hug kiomie77

  6. That last vid of yours gave me a big-A ROFL, literally! *********************************
    33 stars! Keep it up, and I think you should pay "Cyder Productions" a visit, as she perfected the "Chell's mind" series.

  7. its good to hear that machina has some fans of this show i have also have seen the preview and i think your voice was littel too gruf it just sounds difrent frome priveos vids of the serays anyway on my pen and paper adeption of half life ps2ver i have completed lv2 anomulos materals i am now working on unforseen conseqenses. well have a nice day

  8. Psht. Machinima never subscribed to Shephard's Mind....

    ....Oh wait, no, they did. Huh. You'd think I woulda noticed that. Well, Ross already said that he doesn't watch -mind series', so I guess they're just adding us for posterity's sake or something.

  9. @Fandude

    yes he does, its ChilledSanity