Monday, October 12, 2009

CraZy with a capital Z!

So, episode 14...yeah...stuff.

Episode 14 (the real one) is gonna be a long one (20 minutes) as I mentioned in my last update. Consequently it's going to take me twice as long to make. However, I've recently run into some crazy.

I've suddenly gone from somewhat busy to monster muffins on a rampage busy. It still have enough time to get everything I want/need to do done, but I'm really pushing it. I've started playing regular weekend paintball so there goes almost all of Saturday and Sunday. On top of that I'm now in a semi-pro L4D tournament for the next two weeks so now I have to practice for that as much as I can (you really have to twist my arm to get me to play video games I'll tell you what :P). Our first game is Wednesday. Then there's TV, football season plus new episodes of House and Castle are eating my Mondays. So that leaves Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for my household chores and Barney's Mind.

Now, before you all panic, don't worry. I've got episode 14 about 1/4 of the way done and since I've taken a little break from it (haven't touched it in about a week) I'm brimming with Barney's Mind ideas and enthusiasm. So, I thoroughly "plan" on having it out sometime next week (even if it's Saturday night at 11:59 pm). It may take longer(or shorter) but that's when I hope/think it will come out.

This is probably good practice because after this is the finale and that's going to be a half hour long or more! Thankfully I already have about 1/4 of that done but, still, that's going to take a lot of time.

In the mean time, I've got another crazy episode saved up that I'll release soon to help out the wait (they're so fun and easy to make, totally doing a ton more when I'm done with Barney's Mind). Also, I'll release a trailer for episode 14 when I get within a few days of finishing it so that you guys don't have to keep wondering when it's going to come out.

Anyway, got a paintball tournament this Sunday and our first Left 4 Dead match tomorrow, wish me luck!


  1. lol i thought that you're finishing it -_-

  2. Apparently, I just gave Ian a "really really good idea". He said he would include it in Ep14 and i'd know it when I saw it...


  3. Sounds like your pretty busy. Good luck with your paintball and L4D and such. As usual, can't wait for Ep. 14.

  4. cool pehaps you can post some videos of you in l4d

  5. Well, our teams not very good since we threw it together 4 hours before the deadline so most of the better people I know aren't on the team but I think we can give some people a run for their money.

    We're all required to take demos during the matches so I'll definitely compile some of them into videos and post them.

  6. Sounds good Ian. Waiting for those videos!

  7. talk about insanely busy schedule

  8. Hey really think your vids are great! Hope that the next one is awesome.