Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Barney's Mind - Episode 14 (parts 1 and 2) have been released:

YouTube: Barney's Mind - Episode 14 - Part 1
YouTube: Barney's Mind - Episode 14 - Part 2

I didn't think I would get part 2 done so soon but I managed to do it all tonight! Woohoo! I had anti writers block. In fact, about 2 minutes of that whole thing were recorded in one long take, it was almost too easy.

Anyway, I think this really shows how far I've come. I think this episode is great and I really hope you guys agree. NOW! Time for the final episode. It's a half hour or more episode but I don't think it will take quite as long as episode 14 since I have 1/3 already done and I (hopefully) won't be so busy.

However, I do think it will take at least 3 weeks so don't expect anything Barney's Mind related for a while ( though I'll probably have a few more paintball videos and maybe another crazy video like Episode 14?)

Anyway, enjoy.

P.S. Another awesome Freeman's Mind - Episode 18


  1. Wow, this *is* a surprise! Checking it out...

  2. Make Barneys mind finale as a christmas present!

  3. Hardcore. Two Minds episodes in a two day time span. I'd say this is one of your better episodes, especially at the start of part II when he's talking about the catacombs. Great work, as always.

  4. @awsgames: Make that *three* in two days. A new Shephard's Mind just came out! It's a red letter day. (No wait, it's about 20 years too soon for that.)

  5. whoop! too much epic in too little tme, i must become a penguin to release the pressure.

  6. Excellent. As always!

    I know it's a bit late to say this, but... I always forget to say: Put off the weapon to push buttons and stuff around.

  7. @Anonymous: I actually left it on unpurpose when I was pushing the barrels and the buttons mainly cause I figure that Barney can push things using his shoulder and what not while still holding a gun and he can use his left hand to push buttons.

  8. Ah, that works too. Although I always saw that as a bit odd.

    And as for the valve/turning wheel, I would have stuck next to it until it stopped turning, so it wouldn't look like a roulette or wheel of fortune.

    But it's only a detail anyway, don't listen to me. It's good work without my advice anyway!

  9. Oh, you're right, I did do a roulette wheel with that, whoops. I was hurrying to make sure that I could fit this episode into 20 minutes, no sense having a 30 second part 3 video.

  10. hi i have seen both part 1 and 2 i think they are some of the best ones you have done so far. anyway i was wondering back in part 1 near the end you wear geting redy to somthing about gordan but was interupeted by the headhugers what was you wear going to say? just curius.

    ps. yes i rember the good ol day watching bill ny and the reading rambo... i mean rainbow. thank you for the bill nye referance

  11. You mean the part about being an evil scientist?