Monday, December 14, 2009

Want to be on Barney's Mind?

SO! Here's your big chance to help me out.

I have a pretty big part and a pretty small part that I need some voice acting done for. I have a few people locally who could help me do it but I figure it will be a lot more fun for two of you guys (or gals) to do it.

So, here's the deal. I need a person for a fighter pilot and a person to play an air force air traffic control person. You don't need a good mic for this since you're supposedly talking over a radio and I'm going to make your voice a little crackly anyway.

To apply, message me here, on YouTube, or on steam with links to a sound file with your audition. I'll pick the best one and we'll go from there.

Audition details:

First off, you're supposed to be a mature adult person so if you're 15 and under and sound like you're 15 and under don't bother applying.

Anyway, the audition for the fighter pilot is going to be three lines, the audition for the ATC person is one line.

Fighter pilot: Air Force Wing ATC, this is Echo Victor Niner One, the target is rapidly loosing altitude and changing course, I think they’re running, request permission to engage.

Fighter pilot: [sternly] Unidentified aircraft, we are currently 3 miles from your position and have locked weapons, this is your final warning, comply or you will be destroyed!

Fighter Pilot: [yelling] MAYDAY! E-V-NINER ONE GOING DOWN! MAYDAY!

ATC: Echo Victor Niner One, you are authorized to engage at your discretion.

The winner will be picked whenever I feel I have someone good enough (and I will post on here when I have someone) and will win a preview of the episode, their name in the credits, and a chance to read the full script (if they want too, or I can cut it down so the dialog stays a surprise). If I can't find someone good enough I'll just go with my local friends.

Good luck!

P.S. Holy crap, I just finished putting the final touches on the script and it's 13 pages long. Gah, writing what is essentially 4 episodes is a lot of work! But, that's the hard part and it's all done. Now comes the easy recording part. YAR!

P.P.S. Don't worry if you have an accent or don't sound American or something silly like that. Oh and feel free to apply for both parts.


  1. Hey! Count me in for auditioning!
    Here are my attempts

  2. Sent a message to you with all 4 Properly labeled files.

    Good luck to all entrants!

  3. I would audition, but I'm not 15 yet so I can't. I also don't have a mic. :S Anyways, good luck with the episode and finding a voice actor.

  4. you had to do this when my laptop is confiscated after i got my steam set up there and am out of mic. sight my luck is really bad

  5. Great auditions so far and it's only been a few hours. Keep it up!

  6. hey ian i would audition for this but i do not have a mic. can you explane how to audition?

  7. Where can I email you my audition?

  8. @1st anon: Buy or borrow a mic, not much else I can say.

    @2nd Anon: I don't like to give out my email publicly, send me a private messege on youtube or somewhere else and I'll give you my email address.

  9. hi my dad is a voice acter and might do it but me and my dad have zero computer skills so can we mail you our try of the jet pilot and contol tower?

    ps we recorded it on a casset player

  10. Hmmm, I wouldn't have any way to get it from the cassette to the computer since I don't have a cassette player at my home. I'm not really sure there's much I could do.

  11. ok then my dad and i will have to think of a difrent way.

  12. @ Anon, you can buy a cable that will go from the cassette player to the microphone jack on your computer. Then just record like you would if you were talking into a mic

  13. i got it! how about a cd. but what kind of blank cd should i get?

  14. You have a standalone CD recorder? If not, you could use the CD or DVD burner your computer most likely has, but then you're back to using the computer to capture the audio. If you really want to do it this way, go to pretty much any department or office supply store and grab some CD-Rs. Also get some CD envelopes or mini jewel cases. When you're done recording, put it in the envelope/jewel case and enclose it in one of those stiff cardboard envelopes for mailing.

    But really, recording yourself on the computer is pretty easy. Plug in a mic or headset with a 3.5mm TRS connector. Go to the audio mixer settings and make sure that mic is muted and set to capture. Find an audio recording application (there is almost certainly one installed). Start a new recording. Hit record. Speak. Hit stop. Save as a .wav file, and note *where* you saved it.

    Then you just have to get it to Ian. I'd like to recommend It has a nice interface and not a lot of the garbage some hosting sites have.


    Hopefully this will work on all file share.

  16. well, stuff happens, may be bogie is evading, weapons free.Gosh, this sounds so exciting I can't wait for your next episode.
    I really think u have done a great job. I'm sure you could back through all of it and tweak stuff. But, I think you have done a great job overall. Plus your last episodes have so much improvementfrom where you started.
    I get a bit tired of folks that complain. If u don't like the vid make your own.

  17. I never got a preview of the episode....


  18. It's coming Krimsin, I didn't forget.

  19. Damn. I don't have a YT account, or anywhere really. I'm almost completely anonymous. And I don't like posting my email address on the internet...

    Although I do have skype, I'll try to look you up there.

  20. I have a skype so that would work, that or steam.

  21. I was hoping a Skype audition would be possible? Would probably be easier then recording, and uploading without any feedback from you.

  22. Yeah, I could do that, though forgive me if I'm very critical, I'm looking for basically the best you guys have to offer. I wish I had a part for everyone (I will do a video soon that everyone can be in) but I don't :(

    Anyway, yes, hit me up on skype later tonight if you want.

  23. Dear Mr Pirate,

    AS i cannot send you a link to my audition, i wanted to know if you could email me @ and I will send the file in the reply

  24. Well, here's my two cents(or four lines) playing the roles of the ATC and the pilot.

    As Airforce Controller

    As Echo-Victor Niner-One

    If you're gonna pick my auditioning lines and want to include my name in the credits, my Steam username is Ctoagu, and my YouTube account name is TheFourthWall3. Thanks for the open-auditioning.

  25. Ctoagu/TheFourthWall3 here again, just redoing my auditions(which were done when people were over). I thought the previous ones kinda sucked.

    The Pilot

    ATC Guy

  26. Here is me trying the Air Traffic Controler role. Enjoy :)