Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanks Cool...or something

So, Cool bought me gmod for some reason...ugh. NO I WILL NOT PLAY IT WITH YOU!!!! But, I am curious and I've decided to use this gift to make a regular web comic based on the various things us minders do in our spare time. It will not be regularly updated but I hope to do one or two a week ad minimum.

The regular characters will be probably:

Barney as played by Myself
Shephard as Krimsin
Freeman as Cool
Male 07 as Curtis (either that or I'll use something else for him, can't have two Freemans)
Chell as Cyh
and Simon is to be decided (probably find a Parker model somewhere, or someone who looks like Hendrix)

I'll play around with it this weekend and see what I can come up with and it will take me a while to get used to working with it but, once I have it down, expect some hilarity. I'll probably create a new blog entirely for this comic and, trust me, it will be funny.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A late Happy Holidays

A late "Happy Holidays" everyone. I hope you guys had a good time celebrating whatever it is that you celebrate (be it some kid getting born or a bunch of lights or something else) and that you don't drink too much on New Years (I'm looking at you Jared =_=).

Anyway, hopefully we'll be doing a Mind the Gap episode tonight so that should be up soon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid Drivers

Long rant about an idiot driver today:

So, I was driving along the freeway this morning to work in the snow and one lane is pretty much unplowed and the other has bare pavement so it's reasonably good driving in that lane.

I'm doing 60 MPH a ways behind a truck (flashing speed limit was 45, normal speed limit is 65) and quite content with that speed. Then, some asshole in a white sedan comes roaring up behind me. They tailgate me for a few minutes and then decide to pass me. As they're going by me they start revving their engine (which sounds like it was about to die), not sure why, maybe the snow was so thick they couldn't get by me? Anyway, I realize that they're not going to pass me so I start to slow down to let them by...but so do they. Whatever, I speed up and they drop back behind me.

They then decided to start tailgating me about 2 feet from my bumper, doing 60! They flash their lights at me a bunch and start acting super reckless. I have no idea what their problem is. So, I give this big exaggerated shrug and look in the rear-view mirror and they're motioning for me to pull over! What the hell? As if! I wasn't really sure what to do to make them shut-up so I decided that the best thing to do was nothing and let the assholes suffer. I was wondering what they would do if I had to brake because they'd be buying me a new car for sure.

Anyway, they continue flashing their lights and trying to get me to pull over (which is stupid, even if I do it's not like the truck in front of me is going to do the same, or any of the number of other people in front of the truck). After about a mile of this we come to an off-ramp and they swerve over and fly up it still doing 60. The off-ramp is also unplowed and I can see them skidding everywhere. I was hoping so much to see them spin off the road (where they can't hurt anyone).

If I ever see that car again I'm going to slash it's tires. One of the most reckless drivers I've seen in a while, and most of the people in Maine are pretty sane when it comes to driving in the snow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So, did you know?

So, did you know that today the first commercial rocket was launched into orbit? Something tells me you didn't (except for Cyh, she probably heard it this morning and thought, "damn rockets, I'm trying to sleep here!" :P). This is amazing, I mean, this is the privatization of space! The door is now open to commercial and private space travel. I don't know about you but I'm stoked, this is just awesome! Then again, I feel that way almost every day, seriously. Human beings may suck and I hate most of you but, damn, if we don't do a lot of really cool things. We should all step back and realize this more often.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harrison's Mind - Episode 2

Is coming! I have it all done, just rendering it and uploading, should have it out sometime tomorrow.

EDIT: And here it is, Harrison's Mind - Episode 2

EDIT again: Someone buy this for me for X-mas, http://gizmodo.com/5700605/dont-go-to-war-with-this-aliens-replica-m+41a-pulse-rifle 

EDIT (last time, serious): Scratch that! Someone get me this:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brain Summit

Hey, Quadstrike (cool guy, Cool's friend) recorded one of the very early games Cyh, Quad, Cool, and I played on Left 4 Dead 2. Forgive the long time getting setup, I think this might have been the first time Cyh played Left 4 Dead 2 and her mic was giving her issues.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've been trying to write this for about a week now...

Hah, been so busy watching stuff with my girlfriend this week. I got a bunch of stuff done around the house though, been doing some minor redecoration of my room. It looks pretty cool.

Anyway, we recorded another Mind the Gap episode this weekend, I'll see if I can get that up tomorrow. I haven't gotten any work done on Harrison's Mind, though. It's still stuck at 25% done. I'll see if I can get some work done this week.

Oh, Corky and I got Cyh addicted to Left 4 Dead (1 & 2)...so if you're wondering where Chell's Mind - Episode 6 is, just yell at me and Curtis. ^_^ ...Heh, that's not really true, she's still busy with her MCAT and job hunt and other such things. So, yeah, STOP ASKING HER!

Other stuff; Cyh also got me into drawing so some of that might also appear in my DeviantART. Ummmm, winter appears to be here, and it's dark now.... But, that's okay, I'll just hang out in the 110 degree paper mill and Cyh's trying to convince me to join the dark side.

Oh, gotta go, L4D2 time!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Francis' Mind

So, I'm going to be in the next Out of Our Minds episode (the little series that Simon does) and we were watching some of the really bad Left 4 Dead mind series. Anyway, after watching I stumbled upon this: Francis' Mind - Episode 1

This has to be the only good Left 4 Dead mind series. I was laughing my ass off when I was watching it with Simon, Cyh, and Jared. It's so smupid that it's funny! It doesn't seem to get any better as the series' goes on, if anything it gets worse. In any case, you guys should watch this, it's fairly funny and, at the very least, will tide you over until Harrison's Mind - Episode 2 (which will probably take another month or something...).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Harrison's Mind

Okay, finally making time for Harrison's Mind stuff this weekend. I doubt I'll finish all the dialog for Episode 2 in one weekend but you never know, episode 1 took so long because, well, it's the start and it was quite rocky.

I'll make a more meaningful post later when I'm not at work.

P.S. *squishy, squishy* ^_^

Friday, October 8, 2010

Harrison's Mind

So, I've deciding this is taking too long and, despite that I don't think it will be that good of an episode, I imagine most of you would rather have a 10 minute episode right now rather than the half hour one a month from now. In any case, some people have pointed out that a half hour episode is really long and will probably be too long for the typical youtuber out there.

Thus, I'm going to release a normal length episode sometime this weekend. I already have it all done, I just have to tweak the dialog and render the video and upload it, shouldn't take too long.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from Na'vi Language Workshop Vacation Thing

Alrighty, totally back from my little weekend linguistics vacation. I had a blast, learned a lot, stayed in a wonderfully beautiful area of California called Sonoma, and met some really wonderful people.

So, back story, went out to California for the weekend to study and develop the Na'vi language with it's creator, Dr. Paul Frommer, and 15 other linguists and Na'vi enthusiasts from (literally) all over the world. We spent two days studying the language, using it, and finding gaps in it that needed to be filled for it to be more of fully-fleshed out language.

Why might you ask? Well, for one reason it was a lot of fun, only there could I shout "ting makune" (a horrible Na'vi mispronunciation by Sigourney Weaver in the film) and get 16 people all but rolling around on the floor laughing. Other than that I learned a lot, both about California (never been there or even across the Rocky Mountains) and about linguistics in general. I mean, most of these people are PhD level linguists and I could follow along totally when they mentioned things like patientive case markers and mirivity and such (at least until they started talking about really weird or obscure languages, I'm looking at you Lojban). It was wonderful to learn from these people and to share the experience. Plus, we got treated to an amazing camp and host and we all had such a wonderful time

So, yeah, it was a ton of fun, definitely a good experience, I learned a lot, and I met some really great friends. Well, actually, they were already my friends I suppose, I've been talking with them online for almost a year now.. Who says you can't make true friends over the internet these days? Hell, I bet one could even find true love without ever meeting someone in person. Why not? (Gah, totally missed my girlfriend during this whole thing, but it was still awesome)

Anyway, I'll stop boring you with details and just show some of my favorite pictures. I'm the dorky looking one in the LearnNavi.org shirt XD

P.S. Apparently I had a fan girl too, it was so cute, she "squeeed" and hid behind a tree when she found out who I was. XD

P.P.S. Also, yes, I totally got Karyo Pawl's (Teacher Paul's) signature. ^_^ I'm such a nerd.

Stuck in LaGuardia
Got sent down to Atlanta, GA of all places. Heck, one more state and I could have gone to visit Cyh.
The hotel.
The people. The guy on the left came from Scotland.
Driving through Sanoma, CA.
The camp where everything took place.
The gang, getting ready for Na'vi stuff.
More of the gang, that's me 2nd from the right.
Went for lunch outside.
It was so nice we did the 2nd part outside.
After that we went for a hike.
More hike, I have no idea what Taronyu (Richard) is doing here.
A 360+ year old redwood tree.
It's huge. Yes, I know it's ironic we held this meeting around the biggest trees in the world.
At the summit of the hill, not a bad hike.
More hike, about to go back down.
Around the campfire, yes we made smores.
The whole group the next day.
Does this count as tree hugging?
A really cool mossy wall.
We made a funny word. XD
Yeah, we're totally being serious about this linguistic meeting. >_<
Me and Paul Frommer
Back to San Francisco...and we're passing by Eureka apparently. I'll put that town right up there with Buttzville.
Back in good, ol' Maine.
So, that was my trip, I had fun. Now, back to Harrison's Mind...*goes off to play some video games or watch some TV* ^_^

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Post Coming

Just got back from my vacation, big post coming!

EDIT: Hehehe, a preview of some of the shenanigans that happened: Skxawng Makto!

EDIT 2: Ahahahaah, I love you XKCD: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/online_communities_2_large.png

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Okay, first, Harrison's Mind. It's slowly happening, as predicted a girlfriend has (happily) occupied all my time normally spent on games as well as video making. Fret not though, it will happen and it would have already been released if it was a normal length episode. As it stands I have about 1/3 of it done...doesn't seem like much but if I could just get a few hours to sit down and get it done I could probably have it to 2/3 done and maybe have it done in a week or two. At the very least, I'm going to work on it a bit tonight and I'll see what I can get done.

Let's see....what else?

Got Cyh hooked on Castle as payback for her getting me hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Both are great shows if you haven't seen them. Though I still have to pay her back for getting me hooked on staying up till 6 AM and sleeping in till 4 PM. It's so fun though so I guess I'll just have to forgive her for that.

What else?

Ummm, not much I guess. Made a parody/tribute of that discovery channel song The World Is Just Awesome in Na'vi and sent it to Dr. Paul Frommer (creator of the language) for his birthday yesterday. He loved it, said it was the best gift he received (wow, either that meant a lot to him or he got some crappy gifts >_<). Check it out if you want, it's short and actually came out pretty good if I may say so (I generally hate my singing voice).

Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5hbwZEeI9k

Anyway, back to exercising!

EDIT: YES! Another epic mind series may have just been born: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AH0Y7Pla_s

It's so well done and, aside from some technical issues (letterbox for the loss), is really good and shows A LOT of promise. Can't wait to see more from this guy. He's got Corky, Cyh, and myself posting this on our blogs so he should get a lot of new viewers. Can't wait to see more of it if he continues.

EDIT AGAIN: Uploaded a video with One Minute of Harrison's Mind - Episode 1, enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

GAH! I'm being crushed by fans!

Holy, f-ing, crap.

Okay, first off, DO NOT FLAME THIS VIDEO! Seriously, leave the kid alone, I'm not kidding about this. Unless you have something nice to say or something helpful DON'T WRITE IT! Something tells me this kid gets picked on a lot, leave him alone.

Now, watch this horror: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE1DAhhsJdQ

Okay, yeah, wow, I'm scared. I've been getting A LOT more annoying people on steam, skype, and in various games lately. This needs to stop.

First off, I'm glad my fans enjoy talking to me, I enjoy talking to you too. Most of you are really nice, I've played some great games with you guys. HOWEVER, I am not your digital jester! Do not join me in a game and ask me to say lines or dance or do tricks! I will become very annoyed as will everyone else on the server.

Also, on that note, don't message me with nothing important to say. I will block you! I'm so tired of fans messaging me with a conversation something like this (grammar improved for readability):

Log onto steam....5 seconds later:
Kid: "Hey Barney"
Kid: "Hey, you there?"
Kid: "Hey, what's up?"
Kid: "Hey..."
Me: "Hi"
Kid: "Hey, so, you want to play opposing force?"
Me: "Not really."
Kid: "Hey? Want to join me in voice chat?"
Starts a voice chat request without waiting for an answer.
Me: "Can't, busy."
Kid: "Hey, say "I hate bees"."

Seriously, if you see me online and want to ask a quick question, go ahead. If you see me in a game that isn't full, feel free to join. If you're playing with me you can ask stuff regarding the series' in the text chat but LEAVE THE VOICE CHAT ALONE! That will just piss off everyone else because they will have no idea what you're talking about, bonus hatred points if you have a really young, high-pitched, annoying voice.

Secondly, don't ask a question that has been asked a million times and is easy to find. The one exception to this is when will an episode be released. I don't mind this if you ask it politely, most of the time though I will ignore it if it's been a while (or hardly at all) since my last episode and the question has probably been answered on my blog or on the last video/trailer.

Finally, don't be such idiots! GAH! I'd lose faith in the world with all you people if I didn't already think it was full of morons. So many stupid people asking obvious questions, doing retarded things, and just being idiots. I mean, come on, if in real life you met a big super star would you ask him to say his favorite catch phrase or do a funny dance or talk to you all night. NO! (Well, you probably would, but you're an idiot if you think that's an acceptable thing to do!) No! If you want to be friends with someone then be their friend, don't be an ass. Also, if you want to just say "hi" then JUST SAY HI! Don't try to bug me with crap that just wastes my time!

Okay, now, about that video. Holy crap! That kid is scary looking, I mean, wow, has he EVER gone outside? What the hell is wrong with his parents? Dude! Get some exercise! Run around! MOVE! Also, FOR FUCKS SAKE! I'm not some crazy superstar! Why do you want to talk with me, I'm just some dude from Maine who decided to parody Ross Scott! This is just creepy. Oh well, I remember him from the game and he wasn't too bad....at first. I'm not sure if he got muted but I'm pretty sure me or another admin warned him for mic spamming. Ugh, this is just wrong on so many levels.

I don't know what else to say.

Oh, in regards to Harrison's Mind, it's coming slowly. VERY, very slowly. I've been busy as usual plus I've just not had that much time for it. Been chatting with CyhAnide a lot on Skype and hanging out with some friends and just kind of getting other things done at the moment. Also, in October I'm going to be going to California for a weekend so that (and the prep for that) are going to cut into it even more. I'll try to finish it as soon as I can though.

P.S. Got a new Logitech G500 mouse this morning, about time I replaced that crappy 5-button, generic M$ mouse I've had for 5 years.

P.P.S. Tacos for the emperor! ^_^

P.P.P.S. My girlfriend is amazing, I love her so much.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There Corky

The frolicking is complete: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt8B48Qm_AM


....okay, I'm better now.


Caboos15 made this for me (with a minor edit by myself):



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think my head is going to explode

Okay, so another rant/vent, this time in English. Vague, non-descriptive English, but English.

So, yes, as some of you figured out, the last rant was about a girl, someone very, very dear to me. I didn't know if she liked me as much as I did but I was very scared of hurting her so I hid my feelings. I shouldn't have and it was stupid but, I am stupid, so it fits.

Anyway, long story short, she found out and, against all odds, she feels the same way. Seriously can't get over this! I mean, what are the chances that you meet someone who becomes a great friend and then turns into the person of your dreams and THEN you find out shares your feelings.

Now the bad, this relationship will be weird on many levels which I won't get into now. Also, I just started a relationship with another person that I can now not continue because of my feelings. I just couldn't ignore them and lie and pretend they didn't exist for the first person. I hate to end it with this other girl because she is so nice but, unfortunately, I can't love two people equally at once so I must choose, and choose I have.

So, I am now freaking out, wondering if I chose right, wondering if I'm being an idiot (which I'm sure I am), wondering if this will just end up hurting me or someone else (well, I suppose it's a given that someone's going to end up hurt, no matter what), and wondering if I'm just being impulsive.

But, the more I think about it the better it gets. I think I've chosen the right person and, at the very least, my heart agrees. I just need to get my brain to agree, but I think he does too. However, in the meantime, I am going crazy and am going from panic attacks to smiling uncontrollably to anything and everything in-between. So crazy!

Ugh, and I still have to break up with the person tomorrow. I mean, we've only gone on two dates but we clicked fairly well so things moved along pretty quickly. It just wouldn't be fair or right for me to be with her though. I hope she forgives me.

I need to eat food, tummy is complaining. I shall go eat food now and try to sort out my head. Sleep will probably help a lot. And time. Sleep and time, I can do that.

So, yes, this is what has been delaying Harrison's Mind (and I've been my usual busy self in general).

Oh, though in other good news, my frolicking worked, I have now generated a category 4 hurricane for Cyh. Apparently I did it too well, anyone in the cone of uncertainty please, PLEASE be careful. That actually includes me as well, Maine has a good potential to be hit by a REALLY strong hurricane, so weird when that happens but this could actually be really bad for some people. Here's to hoping it misses everybody and goes out to sea.

Alright, food time.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


So, I need to vent, but this is stuff I don't want anyone to read, but at the same time just talking to myself doesn't seem sufficient. So I'm going to scream it to the world...in Na'vi. I have no idea why...well, that's not true, Cyh did it first (in Japanese) and made me realize how effective it is to do that (and how frustrating it is to try to figure out what someone is talking about, GAH! XD :P).

So, yeah, here's everything that's been eating away at my sanity for the past month or two. If you can figure out what it says then you are worthy of knowing some of my most deepest thoughts. For everyone else, feel free to ask me questions about this, I shall ignore them forthwith.

Kaltxì ulte zola’u nìprrte’ nemfa oeyä keye’ung.

Oeru fì'u lu a tsranten oeyä elturu. Zene oel fì'uti piveng tuteoru fu oe pxayor! Oeyä eltuìl pereng oeru futa zene oe ke 'efu talun fì'u hiyìk sì lehrrap lu nì'aw. Slä, oeru lu tì'efu, ye'rìn ulte fìtì'efu ke hayum. Oel ke omum futa zene oe sivi.

Tse, san peu lu fìtì'efu a nga 'efu? sìk nga pawm. Oel ke omum fya'oti a tsun oel tsa'uti pivlltxe, tafral oe pìylltxe nìftue. Oeru tuteo leiu yawne (kxawm tsalì'u lu txur nìhawng, tuteo oeru prrte' lu nìtxan). Po lu fra'u a oe nivew ta tute (ulte nì'ul). Ngian, pol tsatsengìt terok ulte oel fìtsenget tok. Kop, oe ke new fìkem a oel oengeyä tì’eylanit skivä'ä, tafral tsun pol fì'uti ke omum. Oengeyä tì’eylanit lu letsranten nìtxan, poru tìsraw lu ulte oel ke new futa tìsraw seyki poru.

Set, nga tsolam? Po lu txantsan nìwotx ulte oel new ke'uti slä oe seyki poru lu prrte'. Tsa-hey! Ke muiä, oeru pelun? Ke sìltsan, kehe, ke sìltsan nìwotx.

Oe ultxa seri lahea tuteru slä oe txopu si tafral oel ke omum futa txo oel run tuteti a tsun oeru yawne livu tafral oel rayun tuteti a lu na po. Tìawneri pak, oeru ke prrte' ta tsa'u slä tsun oe rivey luke tsatì'efu. Oe sìlpey tsnì tsun oel rivun tuteti a oeru leyku prrte' tì’i’avay krrä, fì'u ke lu muiä. Slä peu tsun oe sivi? Oe ke omum.

Ha, zene oe si ke'u. Hapxì oeyä lu kerusey fu holum ulte tìreyìl tolìng oeru tuteti a tsun oeru ke lu. Oe sìlpey tsnì txo Sayìl fì'uti tsaye'a a po ke sti oeru. Oel omum futa fì'u ke lu txantslusam.

Tse, oeri po lu sìltsana 'eylan, oeru lu prrte' ta poyä aypamrel ulte poyä lrrtok. Po lu sìltsana tute ulte oel new futa poru lu fpom frakrr. Kxawm tsun oe por livu yawne kop srak? Kxawm ke lu.

Tsa-hey! Oe lu skxawng nìwotx! Pelun?!

Nga oeru lu yawne ulte oel ngati kameie ma oeyä 'eylan. Ngari nawma sa'nok lrrtok siveiyi frakrr.

Well, I feel a little better, I guess it's back to work on Harrison's Mind.

P.S. Yes, I have seen the Avatar re-release already....twice.

EDIT: Well, one person has figured it all out, I half relieved and half afraid. I am such an idiot.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harrison's Mind Update

So, I got a bit of work done on Harrison's Mind - Episode 1 and finally established a scope of this thing.


FUUUUUUU-   There's a lot of work to do. I got about 8 minutes of work done and the episode is going to be about 35 minutes long in 3 parts. Meh. So, I can probably do about 5 minutes every other day at best and I'm sure there will be part of the week I don't get any work done. That means we're looking at around 2 weeks before I release this, maybe less if I have a productive day.

Meh, this is going to take a while. It's TOTALLY worth it though, I'm so excited for this.

Also, this weekend, Cyh, Corky and I were chatting on skype and recorded a crazy hour of us chatting as well as a commentary for Chell's Mind - Episode 00. Expect those sometime soon as well.

EDIT: NOT A HAPPY PIRATE! The recording we made got messed up somehow and it only has my side of the audio. It think it was skype's fault but, still, not happy! That was so funny and I was really looking forward to sharing that. Meh, we'll just have to do it again some time. Sorry folks, the commentary came out fine though.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hey, guys, remember about this time last year when I moved to my new apartment and I couldn't update Barney's Mind for a while because my internet company kept fucking me over? Well, you probably also missed the many month long saga after that where they kept charging me for services I didn't have and failing to send me my bills to the right address. Seriously, I memorized their customer service number it was so bad. About the only reason I stuck with them was because I had put so much effort into getting their damn service I didn't want to waste it and start all over. (Also, they have the best quality internet around).

It also seems like I'm far from the only one they've screwed over. Apparently tons of people were having the same problems I was or worse. Apparently, the real problem all stem from their crappy billing system that kept screwing up setup orders, billing records, billing addresses, etc.

Anyway, fast forward a bit, I just realized today that I haven't received a bill from them in a while. This happened when I moved last year and caused me to get behind in my bills because I'm too lazy to keep track of them unless they mail them to me. So, anyway, I'm basically cursing them and their crappy computers and I call them up and their fucking office is closed! Bastards! So, I called the automated account thing and after fighting with that for a bit I get to my account balance and, totally expecting it to be like $150 or something annoying, the stupid automated voice tells me it's:


Oh that just suc-wait? What?! I owe you nothing? The automated voice than says "your last payment was on June something-or-other". Ummm, so I haven't been billed since then?




If this doesn't make you smile then you are a cold, heartless person (or a robot)

Dawwww, it's so cute and shy. I want to pet it!

...Anyway, there, you've now had your daily required amount of cuteness, back to your lives citizens.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Avatar (I know...) and Harrison's Mind

So, I think I've recovered from my vacation. Back into my usual swing of sleep, work, hobbies, rinse and repeat.

Harrison's Mind is finally back on track and the vacation really helped me get my motivation up despite how long this has been taking. I've finally got all the gun audio tweaked the way I want it and I've found out how to remove Harrison's dialog and I think I've even figured out how to remove his little screams every time the pansy steps in some alien acid.

I've also been playing through a bunch of it testing things and working out plot points for later on and figuring out jokes I can setup. I'm really excited about this because this universe is so much more open and I have tons more avenues for jokes. With Barney's Mind, Barney already had a personality, Black Mesa was already set in canon, events were already known after HL1 and Blue Shift. With Harrison, I'm free to make tons of jokes (for example, a joke I thought of recently involving Larry the Cable guy being elected president, don't ask).

The other thing is I forgot how fucking scary this game was. Seriously, I've played this game like 20 times, I know where all the aliens come out of and what to expect. Still though, many times in the game I've been afraid to enter a room because I don't want to have something appear behind me and start trying to rip my face off. Also, this game is hard! Seriously, when a face-hugger starts running around the shit hits the fan! You just start unloading without stopping because if one of those fuckers leaps at you it's an instant kill (and the screen shows the little bastard sucking on your face from Harrison's POV, very creepy). And the aliens are no better, they can be taken out fairly easy but they move quickly and appear suddenly, a few swipes from them and you're an alien sandwich. Once you get some of the more advanced guns it helps but those things chew through ammo like there is no tomorrow so even though some of the pressure is off, when you run out of smartgun ammo, up goes the blood pressure again.

I'm really worried that, since you guys wont be playing the game it will loose some of the tension but I hope to counter that by making Harrison freak out as much as possible and try to up the scary by emphasizing various situations and whatever. Also, the game has great atmosphere, music, and sound effects so it should be good enough. Bonus points to people who watch the episodes at 3 am with the lights off, that should make it truly a mind-fuck.

Oh, and the first episode. I've decided to make it a REALLY long one so that I can get to shit-hits-the-fan part. So, that means, unfortunately, it's going to take a while to get the episode out but, trust me, it will totally be worth it. No idea when it will be done but probably not any time soon. Since I've got a good drive going to get it done I may have it done in a week or two but we'll see.

Okay, next item on the agenda...now, bear with me here. If you are sick and tired of Avatar then please skip this. I know, I know, I have issues. *Ahem*

If you haven't seen the other one then see that too.

FUCK! YEA! I can't wait, I've been cold turkeying (yes, I totally accept I am addicted to this movie) and not watching Avatar for about 2 months now. I'm saving up all my excitement for when it comes out. From what I know of the original script they added in all the best scenes. I think these scenes will really add a lot to the people who said "it'd be great if it had a little more character/plot development" and, at the very least, should add some of the more visually stunning scenes back in that were cut.

(Possible minor spoilers ahead)

From what I can tell they're going to add a sturmbeast hunt (which I'm worried will be a little too much like the Dances with Wolves buffalo hunt but the little snippet in the trailer have put my fears to rest), a scene at the beginning with Grace's old school (should add a lot to Grace's character), the full love scene between Jake and Neytiri (come on, who doesn't want to see this scene), a counterattack by the Na'vi after the humans destroy the willow glade (utral aymokriyä) (this should really flesh out why Quaritch goes so ballistic against the Na'vi and why Selfridge agrees to let him destroy Hometree), the scene between Hometree getting destroyed and Quaritch launching his full offensive where Selfridge tries to stand up to him but Quraitch basically says "what are you going to do about it little man?" (this should help a lot with Selfridge's character as he really was way too stereotypical in the original), more action scenes in the final battle (who doesn't want that?), and, finally, a cute scene of Neytiri chasing the little spinning lizards (which I love her smile in) that I believe happens near the beginning.

I also hope they add the scene where the other human Avatar drivers rebel and, with the help of the Na'vi, take out Hell's Gate, but that's a long scene and I don't think it would add that much so I wouldn't be surprised if they left that out.

Anyway, totally stoked for this, also, I'm really excited to see if they dump any new Na'vi language in there and see how well I can pick it up since I've all but memorized the Na'vi in the movie right now. Ahhh, I've never been this fanatic about anything, not even Lord of the Rings. I can at least understand why the Twilight fanatics enjoy feeling that way, it's fun to just passionately enjoy something so much that it becomes irrational.

Okay, enough of that, I don't want to lose every single person who reads my blog. So, yeah, Harrison's Mind soon, can't wait. Also, if you don't watch Felix's Mind I'm in the latest episode and will be in some of the episodes after that playing Barney Calhoun (told you I'd reappear as him sooner or later :P). I think some of the dialog came out a little forced since I was unsure of the context and was trying to match the original dialog so that the lip-syncing worked out. Overall though I think the dialog works well, especially the in-joke about douchbag. :) Also, as with Chell's Mind, Corky put in a funny little line of mine at the end. :D

Oh, and finally, I've become so addicted to Cyh's book it's almost as absurd as my Avatar addiction. She's got this crazy cliffhanger going on so I must go read that now. Muahahahahahaha! [Runs off cackling insanely]

P.S. Corky has convinced me that I must make a hilarious video of me chasing butterflies....don't ask, but it will probably happen. :D

P.P.S. No, I don't know where I put my sanity. I think it's still in the car, let me go look.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I exist again...

Way too tired to touch the email, not even daring to look how many emails I have. 12 hour drives are suck. Outings are awesome. Good times all around. Pictures in the morning. Pictures coming soon.

Click here for some pictures, more will be added soon.

Another good picture:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm going to live for forever... :P heheheh, I'm such a typical guy sometimes.

Anyway, in other news, I'm going to try to get episode 1 of Harrison's Mind done before next Thursday. Why next Thursday? Well, I'm going to be on vacation! So, yeah, I better get to work.

Thursday, July 29, 2010



For the illiterate people out there; google is increasing the upload limit from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. YEA!

(I wonder if anyone will catch the joke I just made?)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, first off, I'm slightly intoxicated here...yea, that's a good preface. When I'm this way my internal filter between my brain and my mouth (or in this case, my hands) shuts down. So, this is unfiltered, whatever I'm thinking at the moment, Ian's Mind.

Anyway, for the past few months I've been actively trying to find someone compatible to date. I've been single for over a year now but that was totally by choice. I got out of a long, long relationship with my ex-fiancé and had no interest what-so-ever with the opposite gender. This slowly faded over the past whatever, or so, and a while back I decided that my heart had healed enough and I was ready to find love again. Oh, yeah, the reason it took so long is I still love my ex, I mean, I wouldn't have asked her to marry me if I hadn't been prepared to commit to loving her no matter what. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and, even though I loved her, she didn't feel the same for me. So, I broke it off. Yeah. Suck.

Anyway, so a little while back I decided to stop passively looking for people to date (a good idea since I think about the only person of the opposite gender that I didn't already know I'd usually meet at a paintball game and it's hard to ask someone out when you're shooting them with little gelatin balls traveling at over 200 miles per hour. My other hobbies (golf, video games, flying, reading, bowling, Na'vi, DnD, etc) and my work (which you've already seen) don't really include any interaction with the opposite gender, or any gender for that matter). So, yeah, I decided to find people rather than let people come to me.

Now, I'm not a shy person, mostly just a quiet person. However, I can be forward and friendly to strangers so I usually do well at bars and parties, and that's where I started. There's a couple of good bars around town and I've been hanging out at a few of them on a regular basis and the times I've been there were a lot of fun. I met lots of really cool people, made a bunch of friends, got tons of numbers, and was having a great success.

Fast-forward 2 months and here I am. Still single. Frankly, all the people I meet there are great friends but I just have little to no interest in dating them. They're either losers, or taken, or boring, or just not someone I could ever be with.

Anyway, the whole reason I'm writing this is I seriously am considering joining a dating site. I cringe just thinking about it, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I mean, bars, clubs, and whatever are mostly going to be full of losers, nobodies, people already with someone, or desperate people. I don't belong there. Now, I'm a engineer, nerd, and generally left-brained person. The logical side of me is telling me that I should do this because it's efficient, simple, and easy. Hell, probably cheaper too. As much as I love a good drink, spending $20 at a bar each week does tend to add up.

So, yeah, I'm basically torn between going back to my passive search of hoping to meet the right someone through normal social interaction (unlikely) or try a dating site (which I'm half expecting to be full of fakers and the other half full of losers) but, hell it's worth a try, right?

Anyway, that's my question. Am I making sense here? Or should I continue the "traditional" dating routine of meeting people at bars, parties, and other social gatherings?

Anyway, reading this over again this seems ridiculous but, frankly, I have nobody else at the moment to really talk to and I know I'm not thinking clearly enough to make sense of all this. I'm half tempted to delete this right now, and probably will in the morning. Hell, this probably makes me sound like some loser, lonely dude which couldn't be farther from the truth. Fuck, I have so many friends in one way I'm glad a few of them moved away recently, gives me a little more free time to myself. But, still, I'm a ladies man (if you pardon the expression). I enjoy loving someone and being loved by them. I miss that connection and, while desperate is the last thing I am, I sure do miss it.

Damn, I think I need a vacation or something. I've become way too emotional over the past few weeks. Blah, usually I can contain these emotions but lately I've been so sappy I make myself sick.

Okay, I'm rambling now. Whatever, I'm just going to click "post" without reading this rant. I'll read it in the morning and decide if I should delete this or not.



Thanks for reading I guess.

I'm gonna go play some video games before bed.

P.S. Firefox spellchecker is my friend. Yay.

P.P.S. I know, I need to post some videos. I've got like 4 coming, 2 paintball, 1 Ian's Mind, and the first episode of Harrison's Mind. They're coming. Despite all this rambling I am actually getting some work done on them. I guess that's one advantage of being single. Now, if only I could get rid of my crappy commute I'd have tons of free time.

P.P.P.S. While I was at the bar I came up with some ideas for my story. Yay.

P.P.P.P.S. Yeah, maybe Cyh's got the right idea. Maybe I should just say "fuck this shit" and work on videos and stories. It sounds like a lot of fun.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Wow, this is fucking long....my bad.

Paper Mill Platform

If anyone's interested, here is my current design for the platform at the paper mill that I showed in my video:

Platform 3D Model
Platform 3D Model - Structural steel only.
Okay, back to work.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Writing Stuff

Curse you Cyhanide, last night I stayed up till 5:30 AM writing and only went to bed because the slowly lightening sky told me that if I didn't then I never would.

Actually, scratch that. You're awesome. That was so much fun I can't wait to write some more. Normally on something this big I'd pace myself because there's so much to do but, as with Na'vi, I just have this insane drive and no matter how tedious it is to build a whole world from scratch or edit something 10 times until you perfect it I just want to do more.

Here is the sample chapter I wrote if you guys and gals want to read it, I tried to pick an interesting part of the story that wouldn't give away anything: The Tale of Narian and Lucas

Some things about the story; I apologize for any typos, grammar, or spelling errors. Much of this was written when I was tired and if stuff doesn't seem well written blame my tired brain. Some other things, I still haven't fleshed out the world hardly at all, I have enough names and places for my current outline and that's all so some of the names might change. Still not quite happy with the names of the two characters in the title so I may change them. Oh, and the title I am not happy with, I wanted it to be The Tale of Kìlvarin but DeviantArt objects to non-English characters in the title. Meh.

So, yeah, I have another hobbie now and I totally didn't need any more. Oh well, at least with this one I can do it on weekends when I'm visiting my parents or I can brainstorm when I'm driving to work on my long ass commute.

Oh well, I doubt this will interfere with Harrison's Mind. Speaking of that, I've gotten the first episode all laid out finally. Took me forever to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with the first bit and I still haven't decided if I want to make this a two part episode or not. The reason for this is the first 15 minutes of the game are great but there's no action, which is awesome because it sets up the suspense and the action parts great but I'm not sure if people will get bored with the first few episodes.

Well, actually, I think I just decided. One part, 6 minutes or so. I guess I'll just have a boring episode 1 but whatever, it sets up episode 2 to be exciting and then episode 3 and 4 are all awesome. Man, I forgot how much I loved this game. I've played it about 10 times and the bastard STILL gets my heart going when the aliens show up. It's just...GAH! they just jump out at you when you least expect them.

Blast, now I want to go play some AvP2....bah, I've been working hard this weekend, I could use a video game break.

Edit: Just discovered how to mod AvP2. Yay! Now I can remove the main characters dialog, fix some weapon sounds, and make the game more friendly to a mind series. Crap! Now I have more work to do and need to reshoot the footage for episodes 1 and 2.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BP Photoshop

Hey, anyone hear about BP's horrible photoshop(s) of some PR images? No? Yes? Well, whatever, I find it stupid that people are making such a big deal out of it, I think the only fail here is how bad they photoshoped the images.

Article on the photoshopping.

However, with my awesome computer skillz, I unearthed the true images and found that they actually did a good job. The image appears to have 4 different versions and they finally settled on the one in the article.

The original image.
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Final Version

Heheh, so you can see that clearly they know what they are doing.

(Wow, I totally should have been using the time the I took to make these more productively. Like Harrison's Mind-Ep. 1, which I have about halfway done.)

P.S. And actually, shouldn't we be glad that they're not spending time, effort, and money on some stupid PR images when they have one of the worst natural disasters to deal with?

Monday, July 19, 2010


So, I've been a little lazy...but that's nothing new, right?

Yeah, working on Harrison's Mind in a second, haven't even got the footage filmed for this one. It's not like I haven't been doing any work on it, I've just been taking my time with starting this mind series. Trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Anyway, no idea when I'll have episode 1 done but when I do I'll let you guys and gals know.

Also, as you guys may have noticed I disabled the anonymous commenting last week because some asshat decided that posting a bunch of useless spam messages would be funny. NO IT WASN'T DICKCHEESE! BLARG! So, it was a choice between no comments at all, only registered user comments, or me approving all comments. I picked door number 2. Apparently though, this pissed a lot of people off so I've now put things back to normal with one change, when the blog post is older than 7 days comments have to be approved by me.

Maybe this will even get rid of the pron bot? Anyway, hopefully this is a happy medium. However, if someone decides to be an idiot again I'll either suffer having to approve every comment (bleh) or go back to no anon comments (double bleh).

Let's see, what else? Well, I've been reading Cyh's story that she posts on DeviantArt and loving every chapter. It's a great story, doubly so since she wrote most of it when she was 14. I've loved reading it so much that I think I'm going to start writing my own story.

I've never written fiction before but have always wanted to try it and have had a story idea kicking around in my head for years now. I know, I need another hobbie like I need a hole in the head but this shouldn't take up that much time, unlike my other hobbies.

Speaking of other hobbies, I played some paintball the other day and hooked up my camera again. So sometime soon I'll post those videos. I'm gonna edit in some maps and things showing the layout of the field and where people are so you guys can follow along with the action better. Should be interesting to watch I think.

Oh, and yes, I haven't forgotten, still have to make that "Making of Barney's Mind" video. Don't worry, that will happen sooner or later. It's just my plans for that thing are so complex it will take a long time to do it and it must be done all at once so I need a whole day for it. (A whole day?! For a single project?! Ahahaha, you must be joking.)

Lastly, if you guys remember, I speak Na'vi (from the Avatar movie). I'm one of a bunch of people online learning it (lately directly from the guy who made it!) and I think it's a wonderfully beautiful language. I'd really like to make a video using it but have no idea what that could be that wouldn't be either boring or stupid. Any one have a good idea? The best I've come up is a song (ack, I think my singing was banned by the Geneva Convention) or a poem, but something tells me those too wouldn't be that interesting.

Okay, that's enough rambling for now, until next time.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harrison's Mind Trailer

Trailer for Harrison's Mind can be found here, hope you like it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Portal 2 Stole My Joke!

RAWR! This is so hilarious. First, watch the Portal 2 Intro Demo assuming you haven't already. Now, watch it again because it was awesome.

Anyway, that little eyeball stole my brute force hacking joke! HAH! I mean, I probably heard it somewhere before I made that joke but I still say it's mine (or Krimsin's and mine I suppose, since it was a collaborative effort coming up with those jokes). That's just so amusing, though. Also, on the mind note, can't wait to see Chell's Mind in Portal 2. HURRY CYH! You only have a year (or two given Valve Delays (c)) to finish Chell's Mind.

Damn, I really want to play that game now though, looks amazing.

Now, go watch this Portal 2 Intro Demo because you know you want to again. Or watch this Harry Potter trailer: Harry Potter and the Deathly Something or Others. Done? Okay, now go watch The Last Airbender this week with me. Okay! Now go watch...um, Avatar....for the 42nd time.....or something.

Anyway, I'm off to go try to see if this chick who gave me her number last week wants to go out for drinks.

EDIT: Hey check this out! Xesum made me a hilarious poster. Check it out. If Barney's Mind ever becomes a motion picture I want this to be the movie poster. :P Thanks dude.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barney's Mind - Episode 2 - Special Edition

Barney's Mind - Episode 2 - Special Edition - Part 1
Barney's Mind - Episode 2 - Special Edition - Part 2

Yay, it's done. There's a great bit at the end for you people who posted a "tamale" comment on the Meeting of the Minds video. Sorry if I missed anyone though, it took long enough as is (like 4 hours to make that stupid thing, mostly because windows movie maker sucks).

Also, here's all the spellings that people came up with for "tamale": Tamale Pie Chart


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 2 - Remake is done

Well, almost. All the video editing is done and the audio is all recorded and added to the video, I just need to run through it and make some final adjustments and then I have to add my "tamale" surprise at the end for everyone. But, it's late so I'm gonna go to bed, gotta get up early tomorrow and register my new car (and pay the $400 excise tax on it, grumble).

So, expect that in a day or two at the most. YAY!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I figured it out

Cyh gave me the idea of what to do with all these "tamale" (YES! That's how you spell it) comments and it's genius. MUAHAHAAH.

Also, finally getting the episode 2 remake done.

P.S. I've decided that grammatical articles are useless. For example here is the 2nd sentence of the post without articles and you can still understand it perfectly if you think about it.

Also, finally getting episode 2 remake done.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sir Ian McKellen is amazing

Ahahah, just stumbled upon this little gem from a while back, no description just play the video and skip to 1:58 (or watch the whole thing), you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, back to your lives citizens.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New car!

So, in a sudden semi-impulse, but one that by all accounts will only improve my finances, I have sold my old Cougar, which I barely knew as far as cars go, and purchased a 2010 Ford Focus SE.

The story (feel free to skip): Because I drive so much I've put so many miles on my Cougar that it was getting to be a real pain to keep it running, and I still had about 2 years left to pay it all off. The past 6 months have been good but recently I just replaced the rear brakes, rear sway bar end links, and a front tie rod end and just found out it needs even more work (two struts and front rotors). "Bah, no biggy, I'll get it all fixed" I said. Well, just the other day, there's now a fun little grinding coming from the engine that comes and goes when starting, I think it's the starter clutch not disengaging properly. Also the front suspension is squeaking like crazy (been doing that for a while now though but it's getting worse), the paint clear coat is coming off (on top of the previous owners horrible maintenance of the body, want to beat him/her senseless for what they did to it), and recently both the transmission and/or the engine doesn't sound and feel 100%. Also it needs new tires. So, after being bored sitting at the local Ford dealership waiting for a ride I got to talking. Before I knew it, and after spending 6 hours running numbers, checking budgets, test driving cars, and reviewing my options, I came to the conclusion that I would spend only slightly more per month, on average, if I bought a brand new, low-end car. I figured as long as I can replace my ATX Cougar with a MTX with similar features it's sporty and practical enough for my tastes and I ending up settling on the Focus.

2010 Ford Focus SE, MTX, fully loaded including Ford's sync system. Drives great, has decent low-end torque for an I4 and get's 35 MPG highway. Since 95% of my driving is at 70 MPH on the freeway it should make a great commuting car, really spacious in the front, a pleasure to drive, really happy with it.

Anyway, so that's delay number 10,001 on why I haven't finished Episode 2 of the Barney's Mind remakes. Forgive me, I'll get them done soon, I promise! (If anything, sooner! Now I don't have to spend weekends fixing my car.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Grape NOS is pretty good. You should try it.

Oh, and AASHTO, your manual over-designs all your concrete structures to the extreme yet when it comes to surcharge live loads on a vertical surface from vehicles you just add 2-4 ft of soil loading? What? That doesn't make any sense! I somehow doubt 2 more feet of soil is the equivalent to a 26 kip wheel load.

Mental note, I totally need to stop using this cap-less red pen as a book mark, my hand looks really funny now from running into it.

I can't tell if I want to do laundry tonight or go out drinking...maybe both?

Anyway, back to work. Here's something to laugh at, bonus points if you can turn it into a funny de-motivational poster:

EDIT: Actually, no, I shall suspend my social life and try to finish the Special Edition of Barney's Mind - Episode 2. The Q&A pushed that back but now that it's done I should get back to it.

See, this is why I'm single, every time I want to go out and mingle with people who aren't close friends I usually just end up working on my various hobbies. You better be entertained dammit! :P

EDIT: We have a winner (unless you can do better):

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meeting of the Minds Q&A/FAQ

Alrighty! It's here: Clicky! Clicky! Clicky! Clicky!

It's over two hours (after editing out about 10 minutes of blarg) so it's going to take me a minute to cut it down and post it in YouTube videos (if I even do that). I was planning to edit out more but decided it was all just too funny and I had to leave it all in, so this is mostly un-cut.

Seriously, I'm really not wanting to do that. That's easily 20 videos...but then again I know it won't get seen as much if it's just on our blogs. Bah, I guess I'll do it.

Anyway, enjoy 2 hours of us ranting and trying (mostly without success) to stay on-topic.

P.S. While our videos do try to avoid swearing somewhat, this Q&A thing does not. So if you or your parents have strong opinions regarding certain 4 letter words then you have been warned. Though I did take one section where we all started swearing and added bleeps just cause it's so funny to hear it that way.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Q&A Update

Yeah, Q&A update. We recorded over 2 hours of audio which is obviously wayyyy to much. I'm editing it down but it's taking a while. Plus, I had a few things take over my time the last two days so I haven't done much work on it. Tonight's totally free though so I should get a bunch done. Don't worry, it will be up very soon.

EDIT: Here's a preview of the Q&A for you guys: http://www.box.net/shared/pjmuex6gap

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yep, still here

So, yeah, long delay since my last blog post. My bad, was chewing through my backlog of stuff for my million and won hobbies.

Anyway, finally getting caught back up which means I should finally have some time for Barney's Mind! I've gotten the video done for the remake of Episode 2 and should have the audio done and have that up soon-ish. Episode 3 shouldn't be too far behind that one.

Then, once I have that done, it's on to Harrison's Mind (Alien vs Predator 2), which I'm really excited to start! Also, yes, I will continue to do the Ian's Mind series as well (since they take all of an hour to make, lol) though I'm going to do less of the single take, ad-lib format and do a little more scripted stuff (though, I hope to do everything in one take so that it still keeps that ad-libbed feel). Also, yes, I'm going to do other games besides Counter Strike.

Finally, the Q&A is on, will probably happen sometime this weekend. I shall edit it and post it onto YouTube (it will probably appear on each one of our channels so you won't miss it) for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey! Um, what?

So, if you haven't noticed the rest of the mind people except (Cpt.) Ross Scott did interviews with Caboos15 who does an little YouTube show. You can check my interview out here:

Interview - Part 1
Interview - Part 2
Interview - Part 3

Happy random eat-eggs-because-religions-like-to-steal-festivals-from-other-religions-day.
(AKA Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the long weekend if you have one.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April not fools

So, I was going to do an April Fools prank to you guys but decided that it would be a lot more awesome if I did something like this:

YouTube - Ian's Mind

So, this is me playing Counter Strike: Source on the modded Gun Game clan server for the clan, that I'm an admin of, called cDS or Cyber Death Squad. I then cut out some of the more boring sections and added dialog. I did this quickly with only 1 take so it's not polished or anything but I wanted to see if I could make it funny doing nothing but improve. So, anyway, happy April 1st. Hope your pranks go well.

EDIT: Looks like Freeman's Mind went with a hilarious April 1st episode as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LuFtIUEUTQ

ARRGH, now that thy so called Cap'n Scott has let sail with a style of tomfoolery in thee manner o' the seafar'ing buccaneer I fear that likewise sailing such a similar vessel wouldst garner much ridicule. ARGG, shiver me timbers.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Barney's Mind - Episode 1 - Special Edition

There we go! I'm back with a special edition of Episode 1.

Barney's Mind - Episode 1 - Special Edition:
YouTube - Part 1
YouTube - Part 2

So, there's my Star Wars style extended edition directors cut or whatever you want to call it. Some things you might notice, first I changed it a lot. I did this on purpose so that it was fresh, I didn't want this to be just a boring re-voicing of Episode 1. Also, you'll notice I made it longer and added some things, most notably the bit with the surveillance room. Because of this I had to split it into two parts. Finally, you notice I changed the logo. This logo was done by GritYT for me and I liked it a lot so I'm going to use it for all the special edition videos.

Anyway, gonna take a "little" break but I'll get Episode 2 remade and I'll get that "making of" video I've been planing on doing. Finally, still planning on doing that Q&A so keep asking questions for us mind makers (and yes, I'm going to post the Q&A on YouTube).

That's all from me, later!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting there...

Got some more work done on the remade Episode 1. Going to have a bunch of free time this weekend so I should get it done then.

In the meantime check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysCwGzwXs8g

Damn, now I really, really want to go flying. Guess it's time to renew the ol' license, haven't been flying in 2 years and I totally miss it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Anyway, today is my birthday which makes item 1,001 of things that have kept me from putting the finishing bit on the remade Episode 1. Seriously, that things like 70% complete and it would take me only an evening to finish but stuff just keeps getting in the way. GRAAHHH! I'll get it done soon though, at the very least I know I'll have some free time this weekend.

In other news, going to (possibly) be doing a non-live Q&A with Corky, Robin, Simon, and Cyh. So, if you have any questions you would like answered please post them in the comments. We'll pull out the best ones and answer them.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Barney's Mind Soon!

New Barney's Mind episode coming soon. Finally got around to getting back to doing these, I know it's been way too long. I've gotten about half of the remake of Episode 1 done and will hopefully have that out in a day or two.

Not much else to say. See ya soon.

EDIT: Evil work overtime has conspired against me. Worked something like 13 hours yesterday and 9 hours today and like 55 hours last week. So, I'm beat and I STILL have more work to do. So, I'm not sure when I'll get it done but it will be soon(ish).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just got back from New York City...

...where I was interviewed for Good Morning America!

So, long story short, I went down there and was interviewed because I'm learning Na'vi. Crazy awesome. The segment will air on the March 5th showing of Good Morning America on ABC.

Seriously, this will probably be the last update I make regarding Avatar or Na'vi since I'm sure you guys are sick of it but I figured this would be interesting enough to post it. After this craziness dies down I'll finish working on re-doing Barney's Mind - Episode 1, I hope to have that up soon.

Anyway, so Good Morning America contacted us at learnnavi.org and asked us if some of us would be interested in doing an interview with them of which we replied yes (duh). So, they had two meet-ups, one on the west coast (Southern Cal) and one on the east coast (NYC). Unfortunately nobody could get the time off for the east coast interview. So, I participated over webcam with the west coast one a bit and also got to chat over the phone with Dr. Paul Frommer, the guy who worked with James Cameron to invent the Na'vi language. So, after that excitement I was pretty stoked.

Then, GMA contacted us and asked if they moved the east coast time around and if they gave us a location to interview in if we could do it, which we could. So, my friend Bryce from the website and I got a few people together and we made plans to head down. GMA wasn't going to provide us with anything so we had to find our own hotel, transportation, etc. However, at the last minute Bryce asked them politely that since we were going through all this trouble if they could provide us with a hotel since we were going through all this trouble for them. They came back with getting us a room in the 5 star Millennium hotel near Times Square and giving us a private driver to take us to and from the interview! So, all stoked, the 3 of them car pooled up from the Baltimore area and I drove down from Maine.

8 hours of driving later, I was in Darien, CT. Commuter train from there over to NYC and around midnight I arrived in Grand Central Station in New York City. Not the first time I've been there but it's still a bit of a culture shock for me. So, I took a cab over to the hotel to meet with the other guys. We had some shenanigans with the room schedule (they booked us for the wrong day) but overall everything was going quite smoothly.

So, after getting settled in a the room a bit we all busted out the Na'vi. It was quite exciting and lots of fun. We mostly went over stuff for the interview but I could already tell this was going to be an awesome time. After about an hour of that, against everyone's better judgment, we went to the bar across the street that the bellman recommended. Awesome idea it was!

The bar was a tiny place, barely 10 ft wide, called Jimmy's Corner. However, it was amazingly awesome. The drinks were so cheap, $4 for a glass of Sam Adams and $8 for a shot of Petrone! The bartender was awesome and we chatted with her for a good hour. We also had fun busting out Na'vi and generally having a great time. Anyway, around 3 AM we decided to get back to the hotel seeing as we had to get up in 4 hours.

So, we all wake up, a few of us a little hungover and all of us tired. We go downstairs and wait for the car. It doesn't show up and we call our GMA contact to find out the not only was the room mis-scheduled but the car as well. Fun! So, we waited while she had a car promptly sent over. We made up for it by making great time over to the Bronx though. The driver was awesome and told us a bunch of interesting stories about the city, and some stories of past passengers he's driven for (including Cameron!)

We got to the place we were shooting, which was the Bronx Botanic Gardens, and it was more awesome then we could imagine! So amazing there, I had no idea such a place existing in NYC. So many exotic plants. I could spend hours just walking around there. Anyway, so after introductions we wait for them to get setup and we talk about how this going to work. We get mics put on and do a bunch of sound checks and then the interview starts.

First they had us all say "Good Morning America" in Na'vi (Trr Lefpom ma America) and then they did some Q&A one on one with each of us. That part went really well and they asked a lot of good questions and I think I answered them pretty well. After that, the main guy we were there to be with showed up, Mr. Sam Champion. So, we chatted a bit and talked about how this part would go and then dove right into it. Most of it was us teaching Sam how to speak Na'vi (he actually picked it up right away) and then we some group Q&A. We finished up with us talking to each other in Na'vi.

We then got driven back to the hotel and then over to the IMAX theater on 34th and Broadway. You get one guess as to which movie we saw. :P Actually, we got food first since we were starving but after that we saw the movie. We had lots of fun chatting about the movie (which, strangely, we hadn't really done yet) and had an awesome time there.

So after seeing Avatar in a full IMAX theater (which was AMAZING) we went back to the hotel, picked up our bags, said kiyevame (goodbye) and went our separate ways. I reversed my trip down, almost passed out driving around with only 4 hours of sleep at 2 in the morning, had to pull over and power nap twice because of it, but made it back home in one piece. Woke up the next morning and went to work (for some reason my hour commute doesn't seem so long of a drive anymore).

So, that's what I've been up to. I've been told we're going to have a 3 minute segment on the March 5th show (Friday) of Good Morning America on ABC, so check it out if you feel like being scared by the sight of 4 nerds on National TV (still bummed we didn't get any of the hot chicks there from the website).

P.S. Srane, oe lu "nerd" ulte tsa lu txantsan. Tsun nga fpivìl a fì'u lu hiyìk slä, oeru txoa livu, oe ke eltu si. Oe lu tsapo a oe lu ulte fì'u lamu txantsan.

(Yes, I am a nerd and it's awesome. You may think that this is silly but, forgive me, I don't care. I am who I am and this was excellent.)