Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well Wishes to the Victims of the Haiti Earthquakes

I just wanted to take the time to express my sympathy and support for the victims of the recent Haiti earthquakes. As you may know Haiti suffered a 7.0 magnitude quake yesterday (Tuesday, the 12th) and it has devastated the region. Estimates are around 100,000 dead with some saying up to 500,000 Shocked Shocked. This is the most powerful quake to hit the region in over 200 years. Millions of people have been left without food or homeless. Hundreds of people are still trapped under rubble. This is a tragedy that has hurt a country already struck with poverty and other troubles.

So, please join me in wishing them the best and hoping that this will be not a tragedy but rather an opportunity for the Human race to show it's true colors and come out and help those who have lost their hometrees.

More details:

Ways you can help out:

Some statistics from the quake:


  1. the tragity seems just awful

  2. Man. I love the world but why does this have to keep happening!

  3. What gets me so pissed off is Pat Robertson's comment.

    These people just went through an unimaginable tragic event and he had to lay that shit on them?

    Whatta dick.

  4. Did you hear that this guy and his 2 kids survived because he always keeps lollypops in his breffcase and the sugar from the lollypops keeped them from dying of low blood sugar