Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm still here...(someone let me out, please)

So, I exist... somewhere...

I've been so busy with paintball, friends, work, photoshop stuff, and biggest of all, Na'vi, that I've had no time for Barney's Mind. GAH! That's going to change though, I should have finally finished most of the little projects I've been working on so I can get back to this.

I've got so much planned for finishing the last bits of Barney's Mind I can hardly wait, boy do I wish I could have 36 hour days to get this stuff done. I'm seriously considering taking some time off from work so that I can get all these things done.

Also, after re-doing the first three episodes I'm going to do a "making of" video that's going to be HILARIOUS! The idea I have is I'm going to film it as if I was being interviewed but, with some selective editing, I'm going to make it like I'm the one interviewing myself. It's going to be great.

So, in other news, I'm now one of 3500+ (and growing fast) people learning Na'vi (from Avatar). I've become one of the mods on the site (learnnavi.org) and am quickly becoming fluent in the language! It's surprisingly easy to learn and I've had full conversations in people using nothing but Na'vi. It's so much fun. It's like having one giant puzzle and putting it all together is so rewarding as is teaching other people how to put together this puzzle. I definitely plan that, once I've mastered Na'vi, to go onto other languages since I've had so much fun with this one.

Kiyevame ma oeyä eylan. Oe ngahu pängkxo a fì'u oeru prrte' lamu.
(See you soon my friends. It was a pleasure to chat with you.)


  1. Oh, THANK GOD you exist! For a little while, I thought you were just a figment of my imagination.

  2. stupid Paintball, Friends, Photoshop, and learning Na'vi, keeping you from what really matters pleasing us.

    Just so you know, that was a joke.

  3. Kaltxì ma pirate,
    That interview thing seems like a funny video, looking forward to seeing it.

    BTW: what am I actually missing, by not participating in the LearnNavi skypecalls?

    Kiyevame ullte Eywa ngahu.

  4. You mean you're NOT my imaginary friend?!

    *is devastated*

    My devastating realizations aside, WELCOME BACK!! XD Can't wait for everything you're gonna give us~! (I'd pick just one thing to be all excited about, but I really can't. Too hard.)

  5. @HTML_Earth: Kaltxì ma oeyä sìltsana 'eylan

    Not much anymore, there used to be a lot going on there but it more or less degraded into people just chatting about whatever. The teamspeak however has really boomed. If you haven't gone on there it's definitely something worth checking out. Usually there some people talking there in Na'vi and, if you can catch one, you can find some of the more experienced people doing classes on there which most people tell me teach them more in a few hours than they've learned in days!

    Kiyevame ma tsmukan.

    @Cyh: Naw, that's what you have ASHPOD for :P lol, glad to see that people are still excited about this stuff, I hope I don't disapoint.

  6. say ian what do you think about the hldecay collab idea?

  7. That it would be very hard to do but, if done well, it could be amazing.

  8. thank you for doing the making of

  9. @Corky64: He doesn't actually exist. He's just tricking you into getting him christmas presents.

  10. @Corky64: Imagine, what if he is a figment of your imagination... What if Barney's Mind was something your mind dreamed up to cope with the tremendous trauma of waiting for each episode of Freeman's Mind to come out.