Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New car!

So, in a sudden semi-impulse, but one that by all accounts will only improve my finances, I have sold my old Cougar, which I barely knew as far as cars go, and purchased a 2010 Ford Focus SE.

The story (feel free to skip): Because I drive so much I've put so many miles on my Cougar that it was getting to be a real pain to keep it running, and I still had about 2 years left to pay it all off. The past 6 months have been good but recently I just replaced the rear brakes, rear sway bar end links, and a front tie rod end and just found out it needs even more work (two struts and front rotors). "Bah, no biggy, I'll get it all fixed" I said. Well, just the other day, there's now a fun little grinding coming from the engine that comes and goes when starting, I think it's the starter clutch not disengaging properly. Also the front suspension is squeaking like crazy (been doing that for a while now though but it's getting worse), the paint clear coat is coming off (on top of the previous owners horrible maintenance of the body, want to beat him/her senseless for what they did to it), and recently both the transmission and/or the engine doesn't sound and feel 100%. Also it needs new tires. So, after being bored sitting at the local Ford dealership waiting for a ride I got to talking. Before I knew it, and after spending 6 hours running numbers, checking budgets, test driving cars, and reviewing my options, I came to the conclusion that I would spend only slightly more per month, on average, if I bought a brand new, low-end car. I figured as long as I can replace my ATX Cougar with a MTX with similar features it's sporty and practical enough for my tastes and I ending up settling on the Focus.

2010 Ford Focus SE, MTX, fully loaded including Ford's sync system. Drives great, has decent low-end torque for an I4 and get's 35 MPG highway. Since 95% of my driving is at 70 MPH on the freeway it should make a great commuting car, really spacious in the front, a pleasure to drive, really happy with it.

Anyway, so that's delay number 10,001 on why I haven't finished Episode 2 of the Barney's Mind remakes. Forgive me, I'll get them done soon, I promise! (If anything, sooner! Now I don't have to spend weekends fixing my car.)


  1. Nicely done mate. Nice car fer sure!

  2. Do you name your cars or not? Mine is called Blue because Blue was the first album of my favorite country singer LeAnn Rimes. You probably don't care because you find country music depressing but there are a few people in the genre that have good music. Come to think of it, I'm sure they are having a time of their lives with Tennessee flooded out be the recent rains down there.

    Anyway, don't worry about the delay of episode 2 in your series. I do have a constructive rant about your Barney's Mind remakes. I'm thinking since you are doing Special Editions of you series, I'm not sure if doing the remakes isn't going to be as good as the originals. I'm thinking you may have to do the whole series from start to finish to have a smooth flow in dialog from episode to episode. I am one of the few who likes the original episodes of 1,2, and 3, but what do I know. I feel the new ones are going to be 'nsync with the others in terms of dialog and continuity with 4-15. I was mad when the canceled Star Trek: Enterprise, however, one I do agree that they spent way too much time on the Xindi species, and two the continuity of starting before Captain Kirk, it wasn't as refreshing as it was like the latest movie I saw on opening night. (I did like the new Star Trek movie though. It was a nice refreshing beginning for the series.)

    I thought I'd just offer my two cents.

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  5. What the hell is going on with this porn bot keep spamming on your blog, Ian? Make it stop!

    Anyway, glad to hear that you got a new car. And also, can't wait for the next Barney's Mind remake episodes. I'll be looking forward to it. :D

  6. Nothing I can do about the porn bot...

  7. can someone go to his blog and tell him to stop

  8. Nice car

    I think you should install suicide doors lol
    just to make it that much cooler... By the way its a good thing you got a ford because they are the least likely to go out of business and then you wont be able to get parts if needed for it ( i have learned from this since my boat now can get no more parts to fix anything that goes wrong but im not saying anything its just the warranty is no longer in existence because of it) also my boat is a crown line. /end ramble