Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harrison's Mind Update

So, I got a bit of work done on Harrison's Mind - Episode 1 and finally established a scope of this thing.


FUUUUUUU-   There's a lot of work to do. I got about 8 minutes of work done and the episode is going to be about 35 minutes long in 3 parts. Meh. So, I can probably do about 5 minutes every other day at best and I'm sure there will be part of the week I don't get any work done. That means we're looking at around 2 weeks before I release this, maybe less if I have a productive day.

Meh, this is going to take a while. It's TOTALLY worth it though, I'm so excited for this.

Also, this weekend, Cyh, Corky and I were chatting on skype and recorded a crazy hour of us chatting as well as a commentary for Chell's Mind - Episode 00. Expect those sometime soon as well.

EDIT: NOT A HAPPY PIRATE! The recording we made got messed up somehow and it only has my side of the audio. It think it was skype's fault but, still, not happy! That was so funny and I was really looking forward to sharing that. Meh, we'll just have to do it again some time. Sorry folks, the commentary came out fine though.


  1. Next time you guys are going to do a commentary hit me up!

  2. wah wah waahhhhhh

  3. Yes-! I mean, oh no... Now people won't hear all that hilarious rambling...

  4. Chill, man chill. Sheesh, the Pirate is getting out of control.

  5. Too bad, I would have liked to hear that - or maybe making one with you (maybe one for Freemans Mind episode 1), could be funny. I got a lot of time and if you don't mind the 6 to 9 hour difference in timezone (depending, which zone you're in. PST?), it could be a interessting experience for both of us. And maybe for other people to listen to us aswell.
    I just had this idea flashing up in my head, don't know what you think about it.

  6. Harrison's Mind is gonna be epic. (Though, I too know that feeling of looking at what you've done and realizing that you spent hours to create only a fraction of what you need. Episode 05 was like that.)

    As for the ramble, we all talk back and forth constantly anyway, so it shouldn't be hard to drag a handful of us onto Skype at the same time. (Gigglefits ensue.)

  7. Here's some ideas for your butterfly catching video.

    Here's how I chace butterflies (and you probably have to do so too to make it funny.)

    -I chase butterflies throwing dead bees at them saying FUCK YOU 100000 times
    -I say to them "Fuck You! Type 'Retry' in console to live"
    -I sit down and think about getting an MP5 out of my butt and throwing grenade shells at butterflies.
    -I predict that butterflies will turn into a piece of Dogshit in 2099
    -I start thinking about pulling Dojo (Karate) moves on them while counting in French 3 times from 1 to 20.
    -I do that. The numbers are Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, Cinque, Six, Sept, Ouit, Neuf, Dix, Onze, Douze, Treize, Quatorze, Seinque, Seize, Dix-Sept, Dix-Ouit, Dix-Neuf, and Vingt if you want to try thcounting from one th twenty in French.
    -I act like a pirate and shoot Jack Sparrow's Pistol at them.
    -Enraged, I use the MP5 adn start shooting at them on full auto and throw a grenade at them by saying "Fire in the Hole!" in Chinese.

    Then they all die and I live hapilly ever after.


  8. the bees did it and so did bob

  9. It's been quiet here. Too quiet.


    Courtesy of Summer Belongs to You.

  11. I agree with Ian. What the Hell?!

  12. I miss the old cartoons...when Flash wasn't the weapon of choice.

  13. Flash isnt long for this life anyways