Sunday, October 31, 2010

Francis' Mind

So, I'm going to be in the next Out of Our Minds episode (the little series that Simon does) and we were watching some of the really bad Left 4 Dead mind series. Anyway, after watching I stumbled upon this: Francis' Mind - Episode 1

This has to be the only good Left 4 Dead mind series. I was laughing my ass off when I was watching it with Simon, Cyh, and Jared. It's so smupid that it's funny! It doesn't seem to get any better as the series' goes on, if anything it gets worse. In any case, you guys should watch this, it's fairly funny and, at the very least, will tide you over until Harrison's Mind - Episode 2 (which will probably take another month or something...).


  1. Hey, Jared does Out of Our Minds too =P
    Wouldn't be anywhere near as funny if he wasn't there.
    I shall attempt to watch this again when my attention span improves again. I fear a viral infection has caused me to lose focus, and must sleep it off.

  2. Hey now that your Harrison and in the future are you going to be making jokes about Parker being your friend? I think that would be pretty funny like the Freeman jokes XD.

  3. Hardly funny to begin with, so it's left me unsatisfied and if anything, even MORE impatient for Harrison's Mind 2!