Friday, October 29, 2010

Harrison's Mind

Okay, finally making time for Harrison's Mind stuff this weekend. I doubt I'll finish all the dialog for Episode 2 in one weekend but you never know, episode 1 took so long because, well, it's the start and it was quite rocky.

I'll make a more meaningful post later when I'm not at work.

P.S. *squishy, squishy* ^_^


  1. FIRST!

    Good luck, Ian, hope to see it soon.

  2. So... Why the *squishy squishy*?

    Is your girlfriend at work with you? 0.0

  3. Wait you released episode 1? WHEN!? I've been looking at this blog every day!

  4. @Bluefist: Look at the post prior to this one.

  5. All I saw was "It wouldn't take long"

  6. I'm a med student, working on my own "minds" series (Kane's Mind, off Quake 4), first ep I hope coming I can relate to busy-ness.

    I thought the flight simulator bits on Barney's Mind seemed a bit over the edge least they got Barney to Eastern Europe to hold continuity with HL2.

    Wish I'd thought of using AVP2 that way. But at least I've planted my flag and I hope it turns into something. You already got this with Barney's Mind and now harrison's mind. "Hannibal Lechter is loose in the complex!" Lol.

  7. Oh, I'd love to see a good Quake 4 mind series, best of luck.

    Yeah, the Flight Sim bit was a little over the top but I wanted to make the finale special (and the actual ending to Blue Shift is definitely not special) plus I wanted to try something different. Also, yes, I wanted to give at least a reason why Barney travels all the way from New Mexico to Eastern Europe for HL2.

    You'll love Episode 2 of Harrison's Mind though, I've only got 25% of it completed but it's already SO funny.

  8. are u still alive man ! You haven1t posted a video in months!

  9. I'm still alive [read that in GLaDOS' voice], stuff happening last weekend and I'm going to be in South Carolina next weekend so that cut into Ep. 3 time. I have it about 50% done so it should be out soon.