Sunday, November 28, 2010

Harrison's Mind - Episode 2

Is coming! I have it all done, just rendering it and uploading, should have it out sometime tomorrow.

EDIT: And here it is, Harrison's Mind - Episode 2

EDIT again: Someone buy this for me for X-mas, 

EDIT (last time, serious): Scratch that! Someone get me this:


  1. Haha, cool. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow!!

  2. I saw one of those on The one that doesn't shoot live ammo.

  3. Too bad it doesn't sound the same as in the movie. That would make it so much more badass. I wonder if the grenade launcher works too?

  4. Really good job, again. I wish I was good at machinimaking... oh well. At least I have musique on my side

  5. Heh, remember when you said you were gonna remake the first three episodes of Barney's Mind, but you never got around to making the third one?

    Ha, that was great...