Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're now on Facetube!

A viewer suggested that we start a Facebook we did:

Please don't find us and friend us on Facebook. There are some places we like to keep to ourselves and we don't want to offend anyone by not accepting your request.


  1. What's the point of having a facebook page if you guys won't let fans friend your series. You guys don't get this do you?

  2. You can "like" the page but don't bother friend requesting all of our personal accounts, they're personal for a reason.

  3. Our facebooks are for our personal life outside the internet.

  4. Mine is actually just for talking to my friend in Ireland, since nothing else works...

    It's also set to be as private as inhumanly possible, so no friending random strangers. I don't get why anyone would want to friend random strangers, anyway.

  5. Fun fact:
    I tend to reserve my friends list on anything, for people I actually KNOW and/or are friends with!

  6. Yes no fans adding me plz. I like to keep my personal life separate from my Youtube life. Things get messy when the two get muddled together.

  7. Ok. I see. Thx. I misunderstood what you guys meant.

  8. For the Elders of the Master Minds.
    Did you watch this:
    Comments anyone, what da you think, is it real, is it possibile and so forth ...

    My thoughts: It could be possibile, but why take all the fun out of Half-Life?

    Your trusty follower
    NivalisJKK aka. Jure K. K.

  9. Yeah, I've seen that before. Seems quite real and possible.

  10. But we want know what you eat, drink and smell of. We want to know what blood type you are and why you hate bees.- the average youtube creep

    I don't blame you guys for want to keep your life private. I just follow one rule on Facebook and that is if i don't know you then i won't add you.

  11. You people are cocky assholes for one simple reason : You call yourself the master minds.

    Which is bullshit, Shephard's mind is average, Barney's mind was horrible (Looked like he knew where all the monsters were, bad sign), Chell's mind was funny the first two episodes but then it got stale (jokes became horrible, voices that really remove the immersive factor), Parker's mind is a borefest (I didn't even bother watching the rest, it was just that boring), Freeman(-ish) mind is decent, but has a few moments where the character seems WAY too inhumane (I would elaborate, but you have to watch it in a constructive way, I'm sure you concerned yourself with the visual aspect than the actual comedy value), Felix's mind is horrible.

    Now, these are just my opinions, this is an extremely subjective matter, but calling yourself the Master Minds is over hyping what really is just a mediocre selection of videos. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have made these series, they DID have their good moments (Yes, even Parker's mind), I'm just saying that calling yourself the Master Minds is cocky, also the way you bash people who dislike your series makes me believe that you are also assholes (I'm not saying all of you are assholes, just a select few).

    Originally, this would've stretched up to more than 6 thought out comments, but I decided that nobody should read that much.

  12. @Kevin: It's just a name, dude. Most of us don't think that highly of our stuff either. We're not professionals, we're not charging you money to watch our stuff (we don't even accept any youtube ads on our videos, even though every single one of mine qualify according to youtube), we're just having fun and hoping that someone enjoys it too.

    Believe me, none of us are cocky and the only asshole thing we do is get pissed at retarded YouTube viewers who can't take 10 seconds to google a common question or insist on bugging us every 12 seconds with some useless waste of time. The Master Minds is a name that originated as a joke and that we just decided to use. So, honestly, if you don't like it then I don't really care. If you really think that we're that foolish enough to think that we create anything perfect and genuinely amazing and that we're "masters" of anything then you're clearly reading into it far too much.

    As for the rest of what you wrote, they are totally your opinion and I have no real comment. I can speak for myself however that I think my series is utter crap, I have no idea why people watch it, and the only reason I keep making it is the fun I get from it and because people keep asking for it.

    I am a professional engineer and a pilot. I value those skills and work very hard at them. Those two things are probably the ONLY two things I would ever consider myself a "master" of (and probably not even those, since I'm still relatively inexperienced in those fields). I am not a professional speaker, comedian, writer, actor, voice-actor, machinima maker, or even blogger. I'm an just an extremely busy person who enjoys that other people like watching my series and therefore takes some of my very valuable time and uses it to try to make something that people will enjoy.

    I guess, in the end, we make something for the benefit of others, put a fair amount of time and effort into it, receive absolutely nothing in return, never ask for anything in return, and generally try to always provide something interesting and entertaining that many people can enjoy. So, in the end, I think we have more of a right to be an asshole if we want to than anyone has a right to complain about our videos. If you want to help, then help (your comment, while slightly bullish, was constructive and thus why I'm actually taking the time to write this) if you have nothing to say other than "this sux, Freemans Mind was better" then we don't care and have a right to be pissed at you. It all boils down to that we're not making anyone watch our stuff and you have no obligation to keep watching it and no right to call us "cocky assholes".

    Good day sir.

  13. @Kevin and Ian

    I agree and disagree with you both on different points. I won't elaborate cuz I don't want to be a troll. But I just wanted to tell you guys that.

  14. @Kevin I totally agree with you that I'm being way too inhumane, which is why I'm trying to tone it down a bit.

    @Jure Yep, I've seen it, not only that, but I'm probably going to be helping a tad bit with the new HL1 speedrun going on right now, nothing directly, just trying to look for alternative routes, but they're aiming for 23 minutes. Everything you see in that video is legitimate, I've tested it all out for myself. For anyone who doesn't already know, I was recently apart of the Episode 1 speedrun :P

  15. I think while Kevin has some points, he might have missed the bigger picture, in that when some people get a sense of "faux celebrity" on the internet, it instantly becomes a fake need to avoid "stalkers" or "annoying 12 year olds" or "low-brow, lesser masses of the internet." It's not about the name of the facebook page (because it reasonably relates to the series subjugated by the page), but it's about the self-serving, ego-stroking "No! No we will not add you as friends. This is as close as you get" phrase that I think really becomes the focus of ire (at least for me, who once followed these different series very avidly but have since dropped off considerably because it's uncomfortable to see the mocking of your own fans).

    It's sad to see that decline of congeniality, humbleness, and approachability from someone who was once viewable as friendly or "just like me" because they get some ego boost from fleeting measures of celebrity, such as internet "stardom". The first step after one obtains this form of "fame" seems to be an "Us versus the disgusting THEM" mentality, in which the creators somehow become emboldened to consider themselves better than others. When I read a statement like "this is as close as you get," there's an obvious connotation of arrogance and an obvious mockery of your own fans for simply wanting to "friend" you on facebook. It's so glaring and cartoonish I feel like there should be an evil laugh at the end of that rude statement. "THis is as close as you get! MUWAHAHAHAHA!"

    If you don't want your personal facebook accounts flooded with random friends requests (from the whopping 150 or so people who "liked" you on facebook- WATCH out, James Cameron), that's fine, but don't instantly strike down and belittle those who simply want to reach out to you because you've created content that they think has entertainment value on facebook. You can put a more polite "sorry, but my personal facebook account is for friends and family only" or just don't put anything and respond to random FRQ's as they come along.

    tl;dr: I guess I can understand not wanting people randomly requesting you as a friend on facebook, but you don't need to be a dick and put some self-righteous, pompous statement out about it.

  16. @Janet: Good to see you're still around and I do miss your avid follower-ship. You bring up some very valid points that I would like to address.

    First off, we're well aware we have a "faux celebrity" going on here. Or, at least I am. I don't try to avoid my viewers, even the annoying ones. I will admit, there are plenty of times they get on my nerves and I wish they would just be semi-intelligent. But, no, for the most part I try to always be respectful and courteous to my fans as long as they're willing to do the same. I still read every single comment and pm sent to me, try to respond to the more intellectual and unique ones (about 10%), and generally am more or less the same as I was when I first started Barney's Mind. However, it does actually interfere with my life if there aren't places I can't escape from my fans.

    Now, there was a time I befriended ANYONE on any service (except for FB, that I've always kept private). Unfortunately, the first to fall was skype. I couldn't log on without people bugging me with...nothing.. I would log on and someone would immediately try to start a call with me and then have nothing to talk about besides "hey, say 'I hate bees'" or something. For a while I'd tune them out and only answer them when I had nothing else to do (which is never). Finally, though I just stopped answering them all together. They wouldn't stop bugging me, though so I just blocked all the annoying ones.

    Next to fall was steam. The first annoying thing was that I would log onto steam and, literally, get a message within about 10 seconds. Usually from about 3-5 select individuals. After a month of that I just blocked them, it was just pointless to have them on there. I was never rude to them, I never told them off, I always tried to be polite and explain that I didn't have time to talk to them. However, soon more annoying people started showing up in a far more disruptive way. I play Counter Strike with a wonderful group of people on the Cyber-Death Squad server (weird name but whatever). My fans saw the server IP in one of the Ian's Mind videos or they followed me there over steam. Either way, soon it was almost weekly that some idiot kid would follow me into Counter Strike and start mic spamming me trying to get me to say stuff or generally just being annoying. This would result in me or another admin warning them and then, generally, banning them from the server. This of course resulted in many horrible messages to me along the lines of "ZOMG you asshole why your clan block me?!Q!! you guys suck please unban me so i can play with you oh and please can i b in an episode of barneys mind?"

  17. @Kevin & JCLFJAnet: You do realize that most of our viewers are about 13 years old and have been raised on the internet where privacy and manners are no longer sacred, don't you? At this point we pretty much have no choice but to put flat-out no-nonsense disclaimers on stuff like this or else we'll be overrun by trolls and immature individuals.

    Fact: People pay attention to us.
    Fact: FANS wanted us to have a Facebook page because not everyone uses Blogspot or YouTube.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that the fans who heard us in the Meeting of the Minds were the ones who started calling us the Master Minds. It just happened to stick, and it just happened to be an easy way to address the whole group.

    We don't hate the fans by any stretch of the imagination. Neither do we purport to be any more than amateurs who kinda-sorta enjoy making stuff that people seem to like. Actually, considering the amount of abuse we take on a regular basis, it's a miracle that we're still doing this at all.

    And don't EVEN get me started on the droves of perverts who message me on a regular basis and leave horrible comments to make a porn star cringe. For example, because I am female, and ONLY because I am female, I receive at least five messages a week of this nature:

    "@CyhAnide I luv your vagina!"
    "and I love my balls and you ?!"
    "I have 1 million other pervers jokes in my head you wanna know what happen if a girl has a brace and suck on a D*ck with pubis. there public hair betten the tooths :D I stop it befor I make someone sick ^^"
    "@CyhAnide Can i shove my dick in you while you scream with your sexy voice"

    I think my friends and I have a right to be a little standoffish. =_= If you have a problem with that, then you're no better than the douchetards who send me those messages. Actually, you're pretty much condoning it at that point.

  18. @Janet part 2: My clanmates have never spoken to me about it but I could tell they were clearly getting annoyed with my fans following me and being disruptive. I was just going to ride it out and let things be since for every 10 bad fans I'd have one or two who are simply awesome and I love to play with. However, I actually fill up my steam friends. Well, that isn't good, so I had to take the axe to my steam friends list. This also caused more angry pms and such.

    Now, I still always friend anyone who wants to be friends on YouTube, that will always be a place for people to reach me no matter what (Though, forgive me if I don't reply unless I really see a need to. As pompous as it sounds I'm a very busy person.). However, I don't accept friend requests anywhere else these days so this leads to plenty of messages from people complaining that I didn't friend them or asking to be my friend on X service.

    Facebook has always been my refuge on the internet. I only put real-life friends on there and will always keep it that way. Same with the other Mind Series makers. Cyh especially and that's due to a lot of things that I wont go into. So, that whole long bit was just to explain that I'm a little tired of people being frustrated and even angry that I wont friend people on every internet service. So, I wrote that not to be pompous and not to try to sound important but to try and get it though the heads of any of the less-intelligent fans out there that we will not friend you so please don't try. Of course, this had the unintentional effect of appearing quite mean and for that I apologize.

    Now, I also want to quickly mention that the "this is as close as you get" line wasn't meant to be serious. Sorry if you took it as otherwise, I can see that it was misleading.

    Now, I can't speak for the others but I feel that I've always maintained a sense of humbleness even if my approachability has gone down a bit. I've never thought highly of my series, I've never felt "special" or even remotely "famous", and I don't think I'm better than anyone out there. I'm just someone who decided to parody Ross Scott first and developed a following because of it. I chuckle every time I see the flood of comments when I release a video or the number of subscribers I have because I'm honestly wondering what they're all doing. I personally, and I suspect all of us feel this way, don't get an ego boost from this in the slightest. Actually, cyh honestly hates it. You should read some of the horrible comments people post on her episodes. I get plenty of ridiculous, annoying, and insulting comments too but nothing like those. That's a very big reason she hasn't released an episode for 6 months. I agree that it is often "us vs disgusting them" when you have comments such as:

    "damn you hot"
    and those are only the ones that Cyh hasn't removed. She regularly gets comments along the lines of "oh god you voice just made me cum i want to stick my cock in yo ass" and similar disgusting abortions of human interaction. So, yes, we have been stalked, harassed, insulted, and belittled because of these series and I think most of us have done a pretty good job handling it.

  19. @Janet part 3: I say most of us because I do feel that both Cpt. Cool and Corky064 tend to troll any rude fans right back and, honestly I don't blame them. I think they keep in under control though and they do a good job of not crossing the line, whatever that line may be. One thing though that we probably should get flack on is our hatred toward poor quality mind series' and their makers. We constantly getting bombarded with stupid, simple questions about basic things in-game and are just sick and tired of it. We are not a tech support service or a mind series making forum. So, to try to stem the tide of horrible mind series', repeated questions, and general lack of common sense we have purposely become rude regarding people making other mind series'. The reason behind this is we feel that only this level of rudeness can penetrate the less-intelligent masses of YouTube. In addition, we're tired of it and it's a great way to vent steam. We know it's rude and probably wrong but we're not teachers, public figures, or anyone special. We're allowed to act immature if we want. The whole point of making these series' is to have fun and if that's what we need to do to keep having fun and keep making episodes then that's what we're going to do.

    I guess what I'm saying is "polite and friendly" just isn't cutting it because too many people are seeing polite and friendly as "we're here to serve your every whim". I don't like it but that's how it is.

    Now, as for the 150 people who have liked us on FB, no, that's not a lot. But that's from one blog post a week ago and a post on Cool's YT channel. It will grow. I mean, even if only a tenth of my subscribers like it and then a tenth of those wanted to friend me that still 80 people would try to bug me, I just wanted to end it before it began so people don't feel upset that I'm not friending them.

    Besides, it's not like we're not reachable. I almost always have my email account open which is linking to both my youtube and this blog. If someone posts something worth replying to I usually reply within about 10 minutes or less. We don't want to be distanced from our fans we just want to have some places that are for us alone.

    Oh, and I want to address another thing you didn't bring up but is important. Yes, we've fallen into a clique of mind makers. Yes, it's exclusive and we tend to do a lot things together (such as play left 4 dead 2) and don't let other people in. We're going to leave it this way. This isn't grade school, we don't have to include everyone if we don't want to. That said, we're always looking out for other people who invest a lot of time and effort into a mind series and, if they want, we will happily invite them into our group. We have nothing against other people making another mind series. In fact, we just found a Russian (or Ukrainian, can't remember) guy who did a very nice Half Life 2 mind series. unfortunately, its all in Russian. However, as soon as we get it translated we'll happily show it to you guys.

  20. @Janet, part 4 (final): So, anyway, I hope that explains my (and our general) thoughts on this matter. You are correct that it was poorly worded and I have since changed the blog post to make it more friendly. I do hope you would come here more often because you are a very valued fan of mine as are all of you. In fact, I think the silent fans I have who just lurk around in the shadows are the most valued, you guys and gals all watch and enjoy my series and our various antics and we're glad you do. The ONLY reason I made more than one episode was because someone wanted me to. The ONLY reason I keep making more episodes is because people tell me they enjoy it. I love making other people smile and making other people happy, if I didn't I wouldn't have made it past episode 3.

    So, thank you for your comment it was quite constructive and useful and I'm glad you said it. I will redouble my efforts to be more mindful (no pun intended) in the future and will always try to be friendly and welcoming to my fans.

    Super long reply, wondering how many people read it all,
    ~Ian Riley

    P.S. Good lord, I don't even want to know what would happen if someone gave them my email address and cell phone number. I think I'd kill myself. (Sarcasm!)

    P.P.S. I usually edit and proofread my comments. I'm not going to this time, I've been writing this for over half an hour now.

  21. Good GOD that was long! I probably should have just make a blog post.

  22. @The Masterminds

    I found myself thinking like Janet and Keven for a while. I think the problem is that the few intelligent fans of yours(I consider myself to be one, I could be wrong tho) are taking your comments personally. What I mean is, when you say something targeted at the stupid fans, we feel it's being directed at us as well. That's a mistake on our part I guess. I just hope we can resolve this soon. :)

  23. I actually took some advice Ray Koefoed gave me, and now because of that, I try to treat a lot of my fans kindly, even if they are trolling me, same with accepting invites and talking to people on Steam. I know that I'm, by no means, as famous as the other MasterMinds are, but I still get a lot of people who want to talk, and I believe that if I treat these guys the way I would in real life, my experience from all this will be greater than if I ignored everyone. If I simply ignored all these people, I would look back on this years from now and realize all the wasted time I could have spent talking to some really cool people. I mean, by adding fans I've gotten a new intro for my series, found someone who sounds just like Ross Scott, got to meet a well known song maker, and had someone help me with a Sparta remix. I do know what it's like to have people who like my work, I've had fans before, so I'm no stranger to creeps and cunts.
    I just really wish some of our fans had a brain in their head, then we would have no problem talking to them, but Machinimas attract a lot of kids who think it's ok to harass people who are providing free entertainment for them.

  24. I'm sorry, but I believe you missed the subjective part. Let me try to explain it in a more obvious way. The fact that you accepted the name "Master Minds", makes me believe that you are in a sense, overhyping what is not a great selection of videos. I never said that your mind series were terrible to the point where they were unwatchable, my original mindset was that by terrible, I meant the jokes weren't good, the voice acting was average on all minds and it looked forced, that's all.
    I have every right to call somebody cocky, if I think that they're overhyping themselves, of course I don't really know what to say about the joke part, other than it's not a really good excuse. Brain Summit, Minds collide, etc, etc, would've been a better name. In conclusion I do think that you satisfy a lot of your viewers, which I'm not against in any way, simply because it's subjective (e.g. why should I hate people who listen to rap? It's their choice, not mine), but you are ego boosting yourself by calling yourself The Master Minds, IT is cocky behavior.

    That is all I wanted to say in the first place.

    P.S. What's with all the filter? There's so much of it, so I removed it from your comment and look!

    It's just a name, dude. Most of us don't think that highly of our stuff either.
    Believe me, none of us are cocky and the only asshole thing we do is get pissed at retarded YouTube viewers who can't take 10 seconds to google a common question or insist on bugging us every 12 seconds with some useless waste of time. The Master Minds is a name that originated as a joke and that we just decided to use.

    Not only is this a solid argument, this is something you call a good comeback! But you decided to add useless filter that doesn't refute anything and in fact puts the good comeback with a grain of salt.

  25. @Ian I read all of your comment! lol!

    @Keven While I do agree with you on some points, I disagree with you on the whole "Masterminds" thing. I just found it to be a clever nickname for them. Considering they make "Mind" series.

  26. @Ian- I completely understand not wanting to have your life open to people. I agree that you aren't teachers or public officials and you don't have to hold everyone's hand and coddle their feelings and be everyone's friend. I would actually have the same mentality, if I were in your position. I would never want to imply that you have to be everyone's friend.

    And if some troll posts a rude/annoying/stupid comment on youtube (ESPECIALLY you, Cyh since you're woman-ness creates a window where morons feel it's acceptable to put down borderline criminal comments), feel free (and I would encourage, because it's funny) to troll back or put a comment in response somewhere along the lines of, "I hope you get weaponized diarrhea, troll!" LOL :-P

    However, when people check THIS site, and the blogs of the other Mind's creators, I think that tends to be people who are maybe a little more loyal and mature than the youtube trolls and immature kids. I think the comments on your respective blog posts will prove that point, because from what I can see there aren't really a high volume of trolly comments (if even any at all). If people take the time to follow your blogs, they aren't going to be the youtube trolls who are lazy and immature and only snipe on youtube, where everyone's a freakin' tough guy! X-/

    I understand why it would be frustrating to get spammed with random FRQ's, and I understand that youtube trolls would make you want to rip your eyes out and shriek at the top of your lungs, but I think that there's a way to be firm, clear, and to-the-point about NOT wanting random FRQ's without being rude, especially on your blogs where more loyal followers tend to congregate. :)

    I think you did a good job at sounding firm while not being off-putting to loyal followers, Ian. Also, I'm not saying that everything you write has to be sugary sweet, because surely the internet lends itself to massive sarcasm (:-P); and I'm sure the original post was 99% sarcastic, but sometimes it doesn't come across in text form, so maybe a little signifier that you being sarcastic, like a little "LOL" or something?

    I hope I was insightful and not trolly :-P And somehow I always seem to spark a debate everywhere I go- but at least it was a constructive one. I still love what ya'll do, and hope I haven't shamed myself out of favor. *hugs* *hugs* hahaha

  27. @Janet LOL! I totally agree with everything you said. Now, who wants pie? ;)

  28. Yo Ian. I figure since you're doing Harrison's Mind now, you would find this funny(It's funny anyway to be honest). It's an Avp Rap.


  29. Hey ian I first want to say that I still think you and all the other "mindbenders" are awesome and I do not think you or any of the other guys are arrogant.

    Secondly I wish to ask is "the making of" and "barneys mind ep 3 remix" still in the works.

    and finely ross scott has posted another episode of freemans mind.

  30. ok,im sorry to ask but...mighty pirate,when will you make more harrisons mind?first 2 episodes funny as hell,but you havent seen one true enemy(although bugs are in themselves a worthy enemy to kill) i just wanna know,lol

  31. I agree with the first paragraph of the previous Anon. I really don't find you guys arrogant, just desperately trying to stem the flow of rather mindless comments, requests etc. Ironic that people will learn when they are bored and vice versa, eh?

    All in all, human psychology is very interesting these days...

  32. @Streetkid: I am keen as for pie.

    @Everyone: I certainly hope I don't come across as arrogant. I take the amount of positive comments I get as flattery and nothing more. I do what I do because I want to be a voice actor, and I do it for fun. And when possible I'd like to take voice acting even further, but Parker's Mind was a way for me to get my foot in the door, so to speak.
    And Ian has pretty much covered the rest of what I have to say on the matter.

  33. @Anon: Don't worry, they're not forgotten and will happen at some point.

    Episode 3 of Harrison's Mind is in the works, no idea when it will be out.

  34. So you guys/girl are on FaceTweet now? Now all you need is a TweetFace

  35. thanks for answering,im thinking of doing a mind series of my 13 so not sure how it'll sound but the new avp for ps3 would be fun....thanks again for the answer,you guys are awesome!!!!

  36. @Simon Just curious, you say you want to be a voice actor. Do you mean that your goal is to be voices in animated movies and stuff?

  37. @JCLFJanet: Y'know what? I like you. Kudos for the intellectual reasoning.

    @StreetKid: Can I have blueberry?

  38. God dammit, you made me hungry again, Kid.

  39. hey,ian, how do you do the harrisons mind?do you use fraps?i must know so i can create a new mind series!!!roflcopter,you guys are all amazing!!ALL HAIL THE MASTERMINDS!!!!!!!!