Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Harrison's Mind 3 is late

So, I figure I should let people know why Harrison's Mind - Episode 3 isn't done yet.

First off, I've been busy as usual and have been doing some work on other projects. Plus the holidays cut into it my time a lot and such.

Mostly I recently have been busy with trip down to Washington, D.C., though. I went down there to visit friends and see the sights. I've been there once before but not during the winter and I was like 10 at the time so I barely remember it. But, yeah, that took up an entire week and I'm just now recovering from the backlog of things.

Me in the D.C. Botanical gardens.
So, yeah, that happened.

Finally, I've been working on some stuff for CptCool2 (Jared) so that's been taking up my time in the past few days. I hope to get to work done on Episode 3 (finally) sometime next week. I'm going to try to get it done super-mega-ultra quickly so hopefully it wont take too long.

P.S. Did anyone see on Facebook how I commented that we should have a Minecraft Mind series. Well, it actually happened (and it's quite good, too):


  1. Aww man, I really wanted you to make a Minecraftian mind series, you know, just for April fools. Well, anyway, good luck with Harrison's Mind!

  2. D.C. huh? Did you get mugged in our nation's capital?

  3. HEY!!!ian,i just want to say that you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!i was thinking of making my own mind series,so what do you use?fraps?anyway,youare amazing......ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY PIRATE!!!!!!!!

  4. Really? You didn't get mugged? The lobbyists and IRS agents can get vicious down there!

    Hey, did you get to see the Air and Space museum (they might still have the F-16 simulators there), the Natural History museum (hope diamond FTW), or the national zoo (I went to see the pandas...and tell the keepers..."HAH, San Diego beat you for successful breeding! PWNED!")?

    Thanks for the heads-up on the new eps.

  5. hey ian do you know if simon is ok? new zealand had a earthquake today

  6. He's good, he was far enough away he didn't even feel it, though a lot of other people aren't ok.

  7. I'm from New Zealand (Auckland) and I can honestly say I've never seen a single news article be talked about non-stop on two channels for 24 hours.