Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Computer - Part 2

So, new computer is all assembled and running wonderfully. Crazy speed, windows 7 is great, lots of good stuff. HL2 and L4D2 look great in 3D, tried a bunch of demos such as Arkahm Asylum and it runs them all super smoothly in fantastic 3D. Picked up a copy of Just Cause 2 and that has to be the most entertaining game for 3D I've tried yet. Love it so much, gonna play some more after this.

Sandra benchmarks:

Combined Score - 766

Combined Score - 70.92 GOPS
Dhrystone iSSE4.2 - 103.3 GIPS
Whetstone iSSE3 - 48.71 GFLOPS

Combined Score - 130.43 MPix/s
Inter-Core Bandwidth - 8 GB/s
Inter-Core Latency - 44.2 ns

Combined Score - 17.23 GB/s

Aggregate Shader Performance - 52.64 Mpix/s
Native Float Shaders - 105 MPix/s
Emulated Double Shaders - 26.39 MPix/s

Aggregate Memory Performance - 22.55 GB/s
Internal Memory Bandwidth - 100.14 GB/s
Data Transfer Bandwidth - 5 GB/s

Aggregate Shader Performance - 440.6 MPix/s
Native Float Shaders - 1.3 GPix/s
Native Double Shaders - 149 MPix/s

Drive Score - 109.28 MB/s

Pictures of the build:


  1. so.....beautiful...... *cries*

  2. nice computer makes mine look like a piece of shit harrisons mind?

  3. Still getting things setup, I haven't had a chance to install any programs for editing yet.

  4. hey ian did you watch any youtube videos with closed captioning and 1911 mode yesterday? it was quit funny and awesome!

  5. Yep, let's play La-Mulana is hilariously perfect for that.

  6. *sigh* i need that thing!!!and a job,actually...damn florida law,not letting me work for another year.anyway,all of ur videos are amazing!!!!ian,krimsin,CyhAnide,the guy who made felix's mind...on a scale of one to ten,you all equal bankai!!!!!!!!!!anyway,best of luck with the computer,and on the mind shtuff.SHINIGAMI KILL HOLLOWS>.<YAY!!!!!!

  7. ummm,i had beenawake awake for like 3 days in a row when i posted that last one,sorry.if cyh wants to banish me from this universe,i can accept that