Friday, March 11, 2011

A pirate, a Cool, and a CyhAnide all walk into a bar...

...and they totally redecorate the place, it was brilliant. :P

So, tomorrow, I will be leaving for a week. Where am I going you ask? To that I respond:
FLORIDA!!!! Yep, Cool and I are both heading down to Florida to hang out and have fun with Cyh and such. Real life meetings and shenanigans for everyone! So, that's why all of our usual heavy activity (sorta-sarcasm) will suddenly drop off tomorrow. :P

Anyway, because I've done SOOOOO much work on Mind related stuff (sarcasm), I figured that a week off would be good. I still have Cool's lines to do for his next episode (gonna be great!) and I need to get those done something crazy (my bad Cool). So, to remedy both of these situations I'm going to see what hilarity ensues if I try recording lines down there in Cyh's place with Cool and Cyh listening in the background. Should result in some pretty hilarious recordings, which I shall of course post for all to see when I get back.

Ummmm, what else?

Oh, did a little work on the first comic for that gmod comic I'm making. First (real) episode comic should be amusing, to say the least. I also am (finally) getting back on schedule with my normal routines and, once I'm back, I'm going to make Harrison's Mind - Episode 3 top priority! I've just been getting home so late and have had too many things to do on weekends (my usual Mind-ing time). So, yeah, my bad but it will happen soon-ish-kinda-maybe-sorta-yeah.

Also, I think I may have scratched the bumper on my car...NOOOOOOOOOO! First scratch on my new car...the agony. Stupid snow bank, why did I have to back into it and why did it have to be made of ice?

Anyway, I must return to work, peace!

Oh, and don't go stealing all my stuff while I'm gone, my attack kitties will eat your face off! (Or my brother will call the cops, either works for me.)


  1. Don't worry Ian, I'm afraid of killer kitties. So you don't have to worry about me. (WINK) >:)

  2. good luck on the trip ian also dont forget to bring your camra so we can see some pics and vids of the whole trip

  3. Time to get a flight to Florida so I can get three signatures at once...

  4. @Bindal: hahahah, yeah it would save some trouble, no?

    Pics will happen, probably on the facebook page.

  5. hey where in Florida are you guys going to be because I live in Palm Beach Gardens.

    can you please respawn to me on my youtube account fearoftheboxer.

  6. We're near palm bay, if you can get up here we'll meet you somewhere for a bit (assuming Cool and Cyh are okay with it).

    I couldn't find your youtube account so I'm responding here.

  7. Nothing awesome (or Mind related) ever happens in Texas. :(

  8. good luck with the tsunami issue thats gonna reach Florida :)


  9. Ian, while u were gone me and Corky went together to your house and stole your computer and your sodas (I was wearing a hasmat suit and armor and had smilely with me, wearing the same thing, and Corky just nicked your TV while I kept the kittens distracted, and we escapes to Toronto and belleville respectively. Theres no allowance for Capital Punishment here in canada :))

  10. smilely is my code name for the WHAT THE Fu-A-bomb

  11. cool, i blew up his house

  12. and i killed your brother, Ian, theres blood everywhere