Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everyone remember that platform?

Hey, remember this video:

and this post:

Anyway, I just wanted to give a long overdue update on that platform (assuming it's actually interesting). The new platform has been finished for almost 6 months now and I've had a bunch of pictures of it's construction on my desktop at work and I figured I should share them. Pictures:

This drawings shows my overall design for the platform. Notice how there have been some significant changes over the original design pictures I posted earlier.

The first of the new steel columns to be put in.

Oh noes! It's a platform 50 feet off the ground and it's got no handrails! XD I had to use a harness whenever I went out there.

The old platform.
The new stairway.

The new platform, almost complete (still lacking handrails).

This is a new girder truss I designed that spans almost 40 feet. I had to carefully design it to both support the load of the platform and allow that pipe to travel through it.

The top of the new platform. Still needs some grating on the far end.

More of the new platform.

The underside.

Closeup of the end of the truss.

Closeup of the grating.

The last section to need grating.

Showing the connection of the lateral bracing and the top of the new truss.

I got that pipe perfectly positioned using nothing but a tape measure, go me!
So, yeah, that's the platform. There were a few minor problems with my design (a pipe in the way here, a small change needed there) but overall it was perfect and was installed in only a few weeks. The final platform cost something around $80,000.

In other news, I'm super busy. Well, that isn't news I suppose, that's been the case for the past 7 months it seems. However, I'm now even more busy than that. I'm trying really hard to get this all done ASAP so I can get Harrison's Mind - Episode 3 done. I really, really want to finish that episode so much. Thank you everyone for waiting patiently.

P.S. Also, I haven't forgotten about that webcomic I started. I've had half of the first comic done for weeks now but vowed not to work on it until I finish Episode 3.

P.P.S. If any of you are wondering CyhAnide has told me that, yes, it's likely she will do a mind series of Portal 2. However, she obviously still has to finish Portal 1 so, please, don't bug her about either one.


  1. Looks good, hopefully this steel won't rot.

  2. Sometimes I forget that you're a fully qualified structural engineer.

  3. Not fully qualified, I still can only work under a licensed professional engineer. In about 2 years I'll have my own license, though.

  4. wow,thats pretty cool.seriously,i hope it doesnt rot and guessing that its about as bad as having brain hemmhoraging...*shivers in fear remembering that day* anyway,id like to say that krimsin,ian,cyh,corky,and cptcool are all amazing and that the peopls who are trolling you need to SHUTUP and give you space.also,i am going to be making a mind series soon(either dead space or legend of zelda,not sure yet) and that i live in florida like (i think) cyh.anyway,best of luck to you guys,i may or may not use your names in my book!!!bye!!

  5. Looks like a job well done.

  6. Ryuk again,when i said the rot part,i was repeating whta cooL said,just saying

  7. I've only taken one course for CAD, and I was wondering: How do you create a grating in CAD? Are there preset designs that you can re-constrain for different situations, or do you do it all from scratch?

  8. @Elite Hunter 02: Why the 02?

    Anyway, for 3D grating I usually create a rectangle 1.25" high by 0.25" wide in the X-Y or X-Z plane. Then I use the extrude command to extend it the span of the grating, usually between 3' to 6'. After that, I use the array command to duplicate it a ton of time by the typical spacing of the grating (usually 1" but it varies). Then I move it to where it should be, trim any areas that are overhanging, and you're done! If you want to do serrated grating (huge pain) then there's tricks for that, too.

    Oh, and you can download premade models but it's easier to make your own.

  9. Frankly, I can wait...even doing my own Minds series helps when juggling IRL and I'm glad to see you're giving us a heads-up. Looking forward to Harrison's mind Ep 3.

    Don't let Harrison fall in the puke.

  10. Hey ian did you hear osma bin laden is dead may the world breath a sigh of relife that a great evil is dead.

    banjo tooie

  11. Considering the time that designing and calculating must have taken you, I suppose it is a somewhat fulfilling experience to just walk across that platform, once it is done.

    I've had a farmer tell me something like that when he was explaining me how he felt overlooking a large field that he had plowed earlier that day.

    Not bad! :)

    x4fun II