Saturday, May 21, 2011

Meeting of the Minds 2 - Ross Scott Edition

So, here's the audio from the latest Meeting of the Minds with Cpt. Cool, Krimsin, CyhAnide, Curtis, Simon, Pirate, and Ross Scott.

Download mp3 of Meeting of the Mind 2
Watch the Video on YouTube

I figured I'd give you guys all a treat and put it up here first before I get it on YouTube and this way you can also download it for listening on your iPods and other media devices. Feel free to take it and redistribute it as you want, just give us credit or a link back here. Don't worry about telling Ross Scott about it, by the time you read this he should already have a copy.

As I'm sure we all did, I really enjoyed getting a chance to talk with Ross. He's a great guy to talk with in person and this was definitely a treat. Enjoy almost 2 hours of Ross Scott and the "Master Minds" talking, rambling, answering questions, and generally having a good time.

YouTube video of the Meeting of the Minds coming soon, too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool's update, because I'm lazy...

If anyone reads my blog and not Cpt. Cool's check out his most recent post for updates on upcoming awesome things and a new regular member of our "Master Mind" antics.

More details to follow shortly, sorry that I haven't been around big things are happening behind the scenes. Very big. Can't say any more.