Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool's update, because I'm lazy...

If anyone reads my blog and not Cpt. Cool's check out his most recent post for updates on upcoming awesome things and a new regular member of our "Master Mind" antics.

More details to follow shortly, sorry that I haven't been around big things are happening behind the scenes. Very big. Can't say any more.


  1. ian when the mind meeting is planed can you give us a heads up atleast a week in advance? also can we post some questions for it?

  2. Well hurry back soon. My blog is going better than expected, yet, I have my first critic that I have did something inhumane against society. The critic I have disliked me using a gay character as First Officer of a Federation starship. I won't say anything more either because you have to read the storyline. The criticism was I should have been a suck up and made her Captain.