Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magic the Gathering

So, CyhAnide and I downloaded a program that allows you to create Magic the Gathering cards (of which we are both players of). 4 hours later, we had created these:

If you want to create your own, download this awesome program.


  1. I actually have a MTG deck that might be able to summon Chell's Mind Episode 6,


  2. I...I might actually use these.

  3. @River: Nice, is it an EDH deck? I just don't see you getting that much mana out in a regular game.

    @Anon: I'm slightly tempted to make a legitimate set of MasterMind MTG cards for people to print out and use.

  4. @Ian its a 5 colour commander deck, all its missing is Progenitus to be the commander

  5. Modify as needed, because on one hand I've been with M:tG since the early days and have a huge uber collection, but times and game mechanics have changed:

    2red 1 white 1 green 1 colorless
    summon legendary mastermind elf

    tap, 1 white 1 red: Trauma Surgery
    Return a destroyed creature to your hand. Keep tapped for next turn after this effect is used while Chunkboi recovers.

    2 colorless: Eagle Scout
    Gains landwalk this turn at a cost of -1/-1.

    1 red, 1 green, 1 white: Martial arts
    Target player is tapped this turn. He must sit at 45 degrees to the field until the next round.

    "I reject your reality and...well, I just reject reality in general."

  6. Okay guys this is kind of ridiculous, I know people are busy and stuff but at least make some sort of attempt at making another episode... how long has it been sense an episode Harrison mind been released 3,4,5 months. This long and you should lose your "mind" status. This goes for chell, Shepard, felix etc (except Freeman because he's top dog). The only way the mind status can be achieved again is an obvious answer release another episode. If you're a fan of these series support this idea

  7. Fair enough, I shall release a new episode shortly.

    Shepard has finished his series and is taking a break last I knew. Chell's Mind may be done. Wait, Felix's mind? You mean the guy who has released a new episode quite regularly (and will likely be releasing another episode soon)? Yeah, no.

    Now, while I will be the first to say that we are being a little lazy and that perhaps the main people who did "mind series" in the past may have lost interest in it; there is no "mind status" except for whatever we create. Think of us as Rooster Teeth, just because not all of them work on Red vs Blue doesn't mean that they're not a member of the Rooster Teeth team. We are doing other projects that may or may not be visible to YouTube.

    However, you are entirely right that we've abandoned blogspot. I really need to start making updates here.