Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New YouTube Channel!

What's this? New content on this long forgotten blog?

Why yes, it is. I'm writing this to bring to your attention that we have resumed making videos! The Master Minds have embarked on a combined channel where you can find all of our hilarious voices guiding you through new video game adventures.

We're going to be doing mostly Let's Play videos for the time being but don't be surprised to see some Mind Series videos, various one-off videos, and other various shenanigans by your favorite lazy group of internet misfits.

The new channel is called Opposites Attack on YouTube, you can find it by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/user/oppositesattackLP



Friday, August 2, 2013


Hey everyone!

So, just wanted to let you know that I once again am embarking on my studying quest for my structural engineering licensure exam. This pretty much takes up all my time for many, many months as it did before. Ugh, I just have no more free time anymore and what little I get is taken up by important things.

However, that's not why I'm writing here. My girlfriend, Sarah, a.k.a. CyhAnide, a.k.a. the girl who does Chell's mind, is making a big push to get her book published. Before this though, we want to give it as much publicity as possible as well as allow any of our fans to read it before any publishing agent makes us remove it from teh interwebs.

SO! Cyh made a Facebook page for it! Click the link below to "like" it and get any future updates as we attempt to get it published. In the "about" section of the Facebook page is the link to read the book online at FictionPress (no account needed).

That's all. Have a great summer everyone.

Thursday, July 4, 2013



Also, happy 4th of Julaylay.

Jared let me play with his computer sound noise maker. I made a thing.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm not dead....

I'm not dead... yet.

(Picture of Curtis not related.)

Friday, September 28, 2012

A wild mind series has appeared!

So, here's something worth watching.


Steve uses witty humor; it's super effective!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back from vacation!

Hey, haven't posted here in a while. It's really starting to show, too. Check out my pageviews graph:

Yeah, from 3,000 page views a month we're now down to like 200. Oh well, I really don't know what to do since I don't really upload as often as I used to and I really don't want to make even more stuff for me to do that could keep me from making more Mind Series.

Ugh, I've just been so super busy and when I'm not busy I'd rather be playing video games lately.

"I just wanna play video ga-" NO! SHUDAAP! KEHE!

Ahem, anyway, I figured the least I can do is remind anyone who comes here that I now put the ramblings I would have places here onto our Master Mind's Facebook page (click the button on the right). Also, as mentioned in the previous post, we have a podcast blog which was just updated today!

But, while I'm here, I figure I'll catch you guys up on various "goings-on" around here.

First, if anyone has been hiding under a rock, Cyh-Anide and I are dating. Actually, more than that, we're living together. That's probably the biggest reason why my production of videos dropped off. It's also a big reason why her videos stopped altogether but there's more to it than that. Will just say she isn't interested in making more episodes right now, but they may happen again.

So, that happened a year ago. More recent news is I got a raise but I also got more work. I still only work a little over 40 hours but I can no longer dick around as much on my lunch breaks or have any bouts of free time. Plus, with Sarah here and a bunch of other activities I find my free time in general diminished. This does have a good side, I can finally afford awesome things like going flying again!

Yep, back in the pilots seat after almost 4 years of not having money to go flying. I've lost a lot of my skills as a pilot but it's coming back. I missed flying.

Other things that take money are vacataions! I mean, vacations. It works better if you spell it right. Sarah and I just got back from vacation down in Tennessee. We stopped by Chloƫ's house in Connecticut on the way down and had fun playing Minecraft and drawing pictures:

Chloƫ and Sarah.
Sarah is really enjoying drawing with a tablet.

Sarah drew a pony version of Andris the vampire.
We then drove to Washington, D.C. to stay with my old college roommate. Good times were had. Then we drove to Tennessee, stayed in a beautiful camp with a bunch of my Counter-Strike clan-mates. After 3 days of heavy drinking we then drove back to DC and then home. We drove through Boston and New York at night, which was quite fun.

So, yeah, good times. Sarah and I are going to fly down to Florida in Christmas for a week and a half. Stupid airline tickets cost me an arm and a leg but it will totally be worth it. Christmas in Florida with Sarah's family, can't wait!

Hmmm, what else? Oh! So, I have to postpone my giant engineering test by 6 months. Stupid requirements from the State of Maine...mumble, grumble.

Aside from that things are fairly normal. I hope to get some more work done on Harrison's Mind soon, not sure when I have a completed episode, though.


P.S. By request, the pony painting the Chloe had done in the corner of her room:

Monday, May 14, 2012


Hey everyone. I just wanted to make sure people are aware of the podcast blog we have. Check it out here if you haven't, we just posted a new episode that was a ton of fun.