Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just got back from New York City...

...where I was interviewed for Good Morning America!

So, long story short, I went down there and was interviewed because I'm learning Na'vi. Crazy awesome. The segment will air on the March 5th showing of Good Morning America on ABC.

Seriously, this will probably be the last update I make regarding Avatar or Na'vi since I'm sure you guys are sick of it but I figured this would be interesting enough to post it. After this craziness dies down I'll finish working on re-doing Barney's Mind - Episode 1, I hope to have that up soon.

Anyway, so Good Morning America contacted us at and asked us if some of us would be interested in doing an interview with them of which we replied yes (duh). So, they had two meet-ups, one on the west coast (Southern Cal) and one on the east coast (NYC). Unfortunately nobody could get the time off for the east coast interview. So, I participated over webcam with the west coast one a bit and also got to chat over the phone with Dr. Paul Frommer, the guy who worked with James Cameron to invent the Na'vi language. So, after that excitement I was pretty stoked.

Then, GMA contacted us and asked if they moved the east coast time around and if they gave us a location to interview in if we could do it, which we could. So, my friend Bryce from the website and I got a few people together and we made plans to head down. GMA wasn't going to provide us with anything so we had to find our own hotel, transportation, etc. However, at the last minute Bryce asked them politely that since we were going through all this trouble if they could provide us with a hotel since we were going through all this trouble for them. They came back with getting us a room in the 5 star Millennium hotel near Times Square and giving us a private driver to take us to and from the interview! So, all stoked, the 3 of them car pooled up from the Baltimore area and I drove down from Maine.

8 hours of driving later, I was in Darien, CT. Commuter train from there over to NYC and around midnight I arrived in Grand Central Station in New York City. Not the first time I've been there but it's still a bit of a culture shock for me. So, I took a cab over to the hotel to meet with the other guys. We had some shenanigans with the room schedule (they booked us for the wrong day) but overall everything was going quite smoothly.

So, after getting settled in a the room a bit we all busted out the Na'vi. It was quite exciting and lots of fun. We mostly went over stuff for the interview but I could already tell this was going to be an awesome time. After about an hour of that, against everyone's better judgment, we went to the bar across the street that the bellman recommended. Awesome idea it was!

The bar was a tiny place, barely 10 ft wide, called Jimmy's Corner. However, it was amazingly awesome. The drinks were so cheap, $4 for a glass of Sam Adams and $8 for a shot of Petrone! The bartender was awesome and we chatted with her for a good hour. We also had fun busting out Na'vi and generally having a great time. Anyway, around 3 AM we decided to get back to the hotel seeing as we had to get up in 4 hours.

So, we all wake up, a few of us a little hungover and all of us tired. We go downstairs and wait for the car. It doesn't show up and we call our GMA contact to find out the not only was the room mis-scheduled but the car as well. Fun! So, we waited while she had a car promptly sent over. We made up for it by making great time over to the Bronx though. The driver was awesome and told us a bunch of interesting stories about the city, and some stories of past passengers he's driven for (including Cameron!)

We got to the place we were shooting, which was the Bronx Botanic Gardens, and it was more awesome then we could imagine! So amazing there, I had no idea such a place existing in NYC. So many exotic plants. I could spend hours just walking around there. Anyway, so after introductions we wait for them to get setup and we talk about how this going to work. We get mics put on and do a bunch of sound checks and then the interview starts.

First they had us all say "Good Morning America" in Na'vi (Trr Lefpom ma America) and then they did some Q&A one on one with each of us. That part went really well and they asked a lot of good questions and I think I answered them pretty well. After that, the main guy we were there to be with showed up, Mr. Sam Champion. So, we chatted a bit and talked about how this part would go and then dove right into it. Most of it was us teaching Sam how to speak Na'vi (he actually picked it up right away) and then we some group Q&A. We finished up with us talking to each other in Na'vi.

We then got driven back to the hotel and then over to the IMAX theater on 34th and Broadway. You get one guess as to which movie we saw. :P Actually, we got food first since we were starving but after that we saw the movie. We had lots of fun chatting about the movie (which, strangely, we hadn't really done yet) and had an awesome time there.

So after seeing Avatar in a full IMAX theater (which was AMAZING) we went back to the hotel, picked up our bags, said kiyevame (goodbye) and went our separate ways. I reversed my trip down, almost passed out driving around with only 4 hours of sleep at 2 in the morning, had to pull over and power nap twice because of it, but made it back home in one piece. Woke up the next morning and went to work (for some reason my hour commute doesn't seem so long of a drive anymore).

So, that's what I've been up to. I've been told we're going to have a 3 minute segment on the March 5th show (Friday) of Good Morning America on ABC, so check it out if you feel like being scared by the sight of 4 nerds on National TV (still bummed we didn't get any of the hot chicks there from the website).

P.S. Srane, oe lu "nerd" ulte tsa lu txantsan. Tsun nga fpivìl a fì'u lu hiyìk slä, oeru txoa livu, oe ke eltu si. Oe lu tsapo a oe lu ulte fì'u lamu txantsan.

(Yes, I am a nerd and it's awesome. You may think that this is silly but, forgive me, I don't care. I am who I am and this was excellent.)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Singles Awareness Day

Hmmm, I just realized that this is the first valentines day I've been single in about 8 or so years. Wow, weird. Anyway, made this for a contest on the forum, a Na'vi love poem. If your significant other is an Avatar fan they might get a kick out of this.

Oeyä txe'lan

Oeyä txe'lan nerekx fa txan atan
Pxel oeru ngal tìran

Oeyä tìyawn lu pxel txep
Ulte oeyä eltu lu pxel vrrtep

Mefo tsam serängi
Slä tsakrr ngal 'ampi oeyä meseyriti

Fa fìkem ftxavanga keye’ung
’Ekong ta oeyä txe'lan lu nì’aw toleiung


My heart

My heart burns bright
As you walk to me

My love is like a fire
And my mind is like a demon

Unfortunately, they are at war
But when you kiss my lips

With such passionate insanity
Only is my heart allowed to beat

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some stuff I've been working on

If anyone's interested, some stuff I've been doing for

YouTube - Avatar Trailer with Na'vi Subtitles
Na'vi Pronunciation Guide

and a ton of other things.

So, yeah, stuff. Not really interesting I'm sure but I figured if I'm going to not be posting anything Barney's Mind related I can at least show you what I've been doing with my time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm still here...(someone let me out, please)

So, I exist... somewhere...

I've been so busy with paintball, friends, work, photoshop stuff, and biggest of all, Na'vi, that I've had no time for Barney's Mind. GAH! That's going to change though, I should have finally finished most of the little projects I've been working on so I can get back to this.

I've got so much planned for finishing the last bits of Barney's Mind I can hardly wait, boy do I wish I could have 36 hour days to get this stuff done. I'm seriously considering taking some time off from work so that I can get all these things done.

Also, after re-doing the first three episodes I'm going to do a "making of" video that's going to be HILARIOUS! The idea I have is I'm going to film it as if I was being interviewed but, with some selective editing, I'm going to make it like I'm the one interviewing myself. It's going to be great.

So, in other news, I'm now one of 3500+ (and growing fast) people learning Na'vi (from Avatar). I've become one of the mods on the site ( and am quickly becoming fluent in the language! It's surprisingly easy to learn and I've had full conversations in people using nothing but Na'vi. It's so much fun. It's like having one giant puzzle and putting it all together is so rewarding as is teaching other people how to put together this puzzle. I definitely plan that, once I've mastered Na'vi, to go onto other languages since I've had so much fun with this one.

Kiyevame ma oeyä eylan. Oe ngahu pängkxo a fì'u oeru prrte' lamu.
(See you soon my friends. It was a pleasure to chat with you.)