Sunday, October 31, 2010

Francis' Mind

So, I'm going to be in the next Out of Our Minds episode (the little series that Simon does) and we were watching some of the really bad Left 4 Dead mind series. Anyway, after watching I stumbled upon this: Francis' Mind - Episode 1

This has to be the only good Left 4 Dead mind series. I was laughing my ass off when I was watching it with Simon, Cyh, and Jared. It's so smupid that it's funny! It doesn't seem to get any better as the series' goes on, if anything it gets worse. In any case, you guys should watch this, it's fairly funny and, at the very least, will tide you over until Harrison's Mind - Episode 2 (which will probably take another month or something...).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Harrison's Mind

Okay, finally making time for Harrison's Mind stuff this weekend. I doubt I'll finish all the dialog for Episode 2 in one weekend but you never know, episode 1 took so long because, well, it's the start and it was quite rocky.

I'll make a more meaningful post later when I'm not at work.

P.S. *squishy, squishy* ^_^

Friday, October 8, 2010

Harrison's Mind

So, I've deciding this is taking too long and, despite that I don't think it will be that good of an episode, I imagine most of you would rather have a 10 minute episode right now rather than the half hour one a month from now. In any case, some people have pointed out that a half hour episode is really long and will probably be too long for the typical youtuber out there.

Thus, I'm going to release a normal length episode sometime this weekend. I already have it all done, I just have to tweak the dialog and render the video and upload it, shouldn't take too long.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from Na'vi Language Workshop Vacation Thing

Alrighty, totally back from my little weekend linguistics vacation. I had a blast, learned a lot, stayed in a wonderfully beautiful area of California called Sonoma, and met some really wonderful people.

So, back story, went out to California for the weekend to study and develop the Na'vi language with it's creator, Dr. Paul Frommer, and 15 other linguists and Na'vi enthusiasts from (literally) all over the world. We spent two days studying the language, using it, and finding gaps in it that needed to be filled for it to be more of fully-fleshed out language.

Why might you ask? Well, for one reason it was a lot of fun, only there could I shout "ting makune" (a horrible Na'vi mispronunciation by Sigourney Weaver in the film) and get 16 people all but rolling around on the floor laughing. Other than that I learned a lot, both about California (never been there or even across the Rocky Mountains) and about linguistics in general. I mean, most of these people are PhD level linguists and I could follow along totally when they mentioned things like patientive case markers and mirivity and such (at least until they started talking about really weird or obscure languages, I'm looking at you Lojban). It was wonderful to learn from these people and to share the experience. Plus, we got treated to an amazing camp and host and we all had such a wonderful time

So, yeah, it was a ton of fun, definitely a good experience, I learned a lot, and I met some really great friends. Well, actually, they were already my friends I suppose, I've been talking with them online for almost a year now.. Who says you can't make true friends over the internet these days? Hell, I bet one could even find true love without ever meeting someone in person. Why not? (Gah, totally missed my girlfriend during this whole thing, but it was still awesome)

Anyway, I'll stop boring you with details and just show some of my favorite pictures. I'm the dorky looking one in the shirt XD

P.S. Apparently I had a fan girl too, it was so cute, she "squeeed" and hid behind a tree when she found out who I was. XD

P.P.S. Also, yes, I totally got Karyo Pawl's (Teacher Paul's) signature. ^_^ I'm such a nerd.

Stuck in LaGuardia
Got sent down to Atlanta, GA of all places. Heck, one more state and I could have gone to visit Cyh.
The hotel.
The people. The guy on the left came from Scotland.
Driving through Sanoma, CA.
The camp where everything took place.
The gang, getting ready for Na'vi stuff.
More of the gang, that's me 2nd from the right.
Went for lunch outside.
It was so nice we did the 2nd part outside.
After that we went for a hike.
More hike, I have no idea what Taronyu (Richard) is doing here.
A 360+ year old redwood tree.
It's huge. Yes, I know it's ironic we held this meeting around the biggest trees in the world.
At the summit of the hill, not a bad hike.
More hike, about to go back down.
Around the campfire, yes we made smores.
The whole group the next day.
Does this count as tree hugging?
A really cool mossy wall.
We made a funny word. XD
Yeah, we're totally being serious about this linguistic meeting. >_<
Me and Paul Frommer
Back to San Francisco...and we're passing by Eureka apparently. I'll put that town right up there with Buttzville.
Back in good, ol' Maine.
So, that was my trip, I had fun. Now, back to Harrison's Mind...*goes off to play some video games or watch some TV* ^_^

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Post Coming

Just got back from my vacation, big post coming!

EDIT: Hehehe, a preview of some of the shenanigans that happened: Skxawng Makto!

EDIT 2: Ahahahaah, I love you XKCD: